What is marketing and what isn’t marketing?

This could have been my shortest post ever.

The answer to the question posed in the subject is simple . . . Everything.

I was inspired to write this post because I noticed a mumbo-jumbo discount code at the bottom of a recent discount email offer that arrived in my inbox (one of 7 that I got that day, actually).  The random collection of letters and numbers was so bizarre that it looked more like CAPCHA.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting if that code was somehow related to the show it was selling?  (In defense of the Producer of this show, not all ticketing companies allow completely customized codes – even though they should).

For example, if your show was about Smurfs, wouldn’t a good code be ‘Papa’ or ‘Smurfette’?

Imagine your marketing messaging is a thread and weave it through every aspect of what you do, not just what seems like media.  Because media is now everywhere. It’s the greeting you use when you answer your phone, your hold music, the sign that says where the restroom is, etc.  Use a consistent marketing image everywhere you go, so that your consumer is always reminded of the unique qualities that make you special.

Each time you don’t, is a missed opportunity to reinforce your message.  Oh, and as you’ve probably already noticed, most of these mini-marketing opportunities that demonstrate how you go the extra mile, are free.

It’s true, God is in the details…and so are Great Marketers.

(By the way, the subject of this post was supposed to be sung to the tune of “Who are the people in your neighborhood?”)

  • I love getting details like this. The ticketing codes! We had a ZHGEN29 code going for Zero Hour. Zero Hour. General. $29. I bet they still honor it.
    I’ve been able to get people to memorize it, but I love the idea of the more simpler code, like a character’s name.

  • Team Aziza says:

    Quite honestly, I had never thought about that small detail. But, of course, using even discount tools as a marketing strategy would be fantastic! Easily memorized, part of what you’re offering, its very cohesive. Thank you for that insight.
    Totally turned on Sesame Street and sang the subject. 🙂
    Even though that show always gave me nightmares…

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