Non-Union Actors for “Dead White Males” – Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions

WHO: Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions

SEEKING: Non-Union actors for "Dead White Males"

Doris: 30-40s, a worn out teacher who once cared about her students 

Ms. Woods: 30-40s, raspy smoker’s voice, a teacher who knows how to work the system 

Mrs. Burns: 40-50s, an efficient master teacher who demands respect 

Principal Pettlogg: 30-50s, loves the sound of his own voice, America, and little boys 

Mr. Mandias: 30-50s, cheerfully ignorant, on school board, a sucker for protocol 

Johnny: 20-30s, adult actor to play a fifth grader. Has special needs and a secret relationship with Principal Pettlogg

WHEN: Auditions will be held by appointment only on Sunday, August 22. Rehearses August 29-October 3, week nights and weekends in midtown, runs Oct. 6-16 at the Bridge Theatre, NYC.

HOW TO AUDITION: To request an audition slot, please submit a brief note of interest, headshot and resume to Ms. Jake Lipman at