Actors – San Jose Repertory Theatre

WHO: San Jose Repertory Theatre


Jack: (60-70) A brilliant, somewhat rough-around-the-edges self-made multi-billionaire businessman and CEO. One of the richest men in the world. In great shape, oozes heterosexuality, and looks younger than his age. He is outspoken, mercurial, dynamic and volatile – a true “Alpha Male” in any room or situation. Yet, all his apparent outward nature masks his secret vulnerabilities and fears of death.

Scarlett: (mid 30s) Second generation Asian-American. Highly intelligent and strikingly attractive. She is polished, Ivy-educated and self assured. Holds and MBA and runs a mulit-million dollar not-profit in NYC. All the men look at her when she enters a room, and she has cultivated this skill. She carefully conceals the great depths of need in her heart.

Lyonee: (25-35) A very beautiful, very brilliant Euro/Englishwoman who has been bred for power and wealth. Highly educated, with a tart tongue and acerbic wit. She is like a young Catherine Zeta Jones. She has had the benefit of the best plastic surgeons in the world in her quest to land a rich and powerful husband…many mentions are made in the play about her recently enhanced breasts. Some nudity required for scenes sunbathing aboard a yacht, and jumping into the sea for skinny-dipping. Also plays ensemble roles in Act I.

Abby/Mrs. Green (50-60) Jack’s first wife – Jewish with an east coast attitude.. She is sarcastic, highly ironic, very intelligent and with a will of steel. She will do anything to keep her family, and her position of power within it, intact.

WHEN: 1st rehearsal: April 5, 2011
Open: May 18, 2011
Close: June 5, 2011

Deadline for submissions: Monday, November 15th

PAY: $750/wk

HOW TO APPLY: Send electronic submission to 
Bruce Elsperger at