Music Prep/Web Production –


SEEKING: Music Assistant/Copyist, Music Intern, and Web Assistant


Music Assistant/Copyist: Work with's writers in transcribing, arranging and publishing sheet music. Must have an expert knowledge of Finale. Reasonable weekly stipend. 20 hours a week.

Music Intern: Work with's music department in transcribing sheet music, and scheduling/coordination within the department. Must have a proficient knowledge of Finale. Hourly pay. 10 hours a week.

Web Assistant: Work with's web producer on site updates, social media and general content. Must know HTML, PHP, Excel and be comfortable working in a new content management system. Hourly pay. 10 hours a week.

WHEN: 12/1/2010-3/31/2011

HOW TO APPLY: Submit resumes and work samples to Brian Lowdermilk,