Never let a cash machine pass you by.

So there I am, trotting down the streets of London, on my way to a restaurant that serves squirrel, when I realized I was out of pounds.

I saw a Barclay’s cash machine on the next corner (international traveler tip: cash machines often have the best exchange rates).  Since I was still a good mile or so from my squirrelicious destination, I let it pass me by.

“There will be another one along the way.  I’ll just get cash later,” I muttered in my faux British accent (I just can’t help it – whenever I’m there I start saying things like “Bollocks!” and “Cheers!”).

Well, wouldn’t you know it . . . there wasn’t another cash machine along the way.  Not a one.


The point?

When you need something . . . or when you want something . . . or when you like something . . . get it. Then.  Now.  Don’t wait.

Do you know how many people passed on Rent, probably intrigued by the melodies but thinking that they’d find something better . . . later.

Producing, creating, taking risks . . . this is hard stuff.  So it’s easy to come up with a reason to pass.  It’s harder to seize the opportunity when you find it and make the most of it.

If you don’t, you’ll end up at the end of your lonely journey with empty pockets.

  • Kevin says:

    Um, a show is very RARELY a cash machine. I think your analogy needs tweaking.

  • Jed Harris says:

    A guy I know threw 10K in STOMP. He tells me it’s generated nearly 800K.
    It may be a rarity, but when it happens, and it does, it’s a cash machine.
    Just ask the producers/investors of CHICAGO, LION, KING, WICKED, JERSEY BOYS, MAMMA MIA, PHANTOM, BILLY ELLIOT, etc.

  • RLewis says:

    Stomp is your example? Stomp??? Pu-lease. It may be a cash machine, but it’s far from a credit to our theater community. I’d rather have Key Exchange, Little Shop, or even that Mamet piece back in that theater. I’ll go with Kevin – bad analogy.

  • Amy says:

    Hey Ken,
    I am not a paid spokesperson (yet) but Schwab Bank offers an ATM card with no fees anywhere and no exchange fees at all. It makes life in any city easier. Just like calling you FIRST would have made things easier for us in New York. Still, we’re having a blast and, ultimately, that’s what it’s about, right? Oh, and puppies.

  • Danny G. says:

    Sorry about the squirrel restaurant

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