New feature: The most read posts of the month.

I’m obsessed with Google Analytics. I even have a Analytics app for my iPhone so I can constantly keep track of all of the web stats on all of my sites.

One of the most important statistics I look at for the blog is what articles are the most read every month.  By doing so, I can see what you like, as well as what you don’t like, and I can tweak what I talk about going forward. If you like budget-talk, I can try and do more of that. If you like blogs about box offices, I can do more of that.  If you hate when I talk about fast food . . . well, I’m going to keep doing that anyway.

I got to thinking that you might enjoy seeing what the most popular blogs of the month are, which is why I’m debuting a new feature today!  (And I also thought this might help any of you folks that may have missed a post or two throughout the month.)

So, every month I’m going to publish a recap that will list two posts:

  1. The most read post of the month.
  2. The most commented on post of the month (see what riles people up).

So, here they are for November:

See you in a month!



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