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WHO: New Perspectives Theatre Company


MIRIAM has a problem. She’s just gotten engaged to JOSEPH, an older, rich man who is also the “biggest schlemiel in Judea,” and she’s with child despite the fact that she has “known not a man.” At least she doesn’t think she has. Only crazy cousin ELIZABETH seems to get it. She’s known more of man than God but now she’s pregnant, too—and don’t all Jewish mothers think their sons are Divine? Miriam’s betrothed doesn’t believe in miracles, although what then does he keep praying for? And everyone’s on his case to accept this child as ‘King of the Jews’, from the Bride’s Dad (JOACHIM) to the High Priests of the Holy Temple. Of course they have motives of their own; the Holy Land is divided, Pharisee against Sadducee, Hellenizer against Zealot, and the Roman’s have appointed their own paranoid puppet-King, the Edomite Herod.

Now three shyster ‘Magi’ are running around town, claiming to know about the real King of the Jews. CASPER has a plan to get some gold out of these Semites; his old buddy MELCHIOR knows all about these strange tribesmen—who worship only one God, Egads! But they don’t hatch a plan until hooking up with BALTHAZAR the Chinaman, the only real astrologer and priest among them.

As Miriam’s stomach grows her faith in the miracle within her grows, too. How could a child born from the “fire of God” be anything else?

Written by a Jewish mother about the ultimate Jewish Mother, this play fleshes out a story that is given only a few lines in the New Testament. With historical context but creative license, both profane and profound, MOTHER OF GOD! investigates the interaction of the politics of sex and the politics of religion within the story of the coming of the new messiah.

Miriam’s father, 40s, an unsuccessful and unhappy farmer, he was trained to be a Temple scribe but his Sadduccee standing has put him on the outs with current Temple regime. Therefore he has taken to spending his days in the synagogue drinking and reminiscing with other men of the village.

Young Actor/Apollo:
20s. Impossibly handsome and unnaturally charismatic.

Miriam's mother, late 30s to early 40s. Once beautiful but now weathered by a hard life. A scold. Speaks with a stereotypical New York Jewish accent.

30s-50s: Tall, black and wiry (North African.) Speaks with authoritative, colonial-British accent.

WHEN: NYC auditions will be held on January 8 and 9, from 12pm to 6pm each day, by appointment only at the New Perspectives Theatre Company, 456 West 37th Street, at 10th Avenue, Ground Floor storefront. 1st rehearsal: 1/30/11. Runs: 3/10 – 3/26/11 (13 performances)

PAY: Showcase-NY approval pending

HOW TO APPLY: Send headshot and resume to to schedule appointment.