Admissions Representative/Career Coach – TVI Actors Studio

WHO: TVI Actors Studio

SEEKING: Admission Representative/Career Coach

RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist actors in registering for the proper acting courses

REQUIREMENTS: Looking for successful actors earning a living in commercials, theatre, film and tv that would like to increase their acting earnings with a part-time position. You realize the road to success is based on strong agent representation (commercially and legit) and a depth of dramatic education. You are a “Tony Robbins of Acting”, willing to help other actors, have the knowledge and understanding that careers are a journey and can educate and lead aspiring actors to success. You are enthusiastic, positive, willing to work for the team, and self-motivated. You are good at building long-term professional relationships. You should be aware of current trends, hip and knowledgeable of today's casting directors and talent agents. You are current on what and who is casting in production in Theatre, Film and TV industries. You should also have professional industry relationships with the casting directors, agents and managers.
You are organized; well-versed in Mac computers, enjoy tweeting, blogging and Facebook. You are comfortable with educating actors and enrolling them into acting courses.
Preferably, you have past Los Angeles experience and prefer NY, but know the market.
Again, the position offers full flexibility for auditions and bookings. You are no longer willing to travel on tour and prefer to stay in NY. You must be earning an income of $10K+ a year as an actor as a prerequisite for this position. This is a position to supplement your acting career.
In essence, we are seeking actors passionate about the business side of the industry with a desire to help aspiring actors suceed.

WHEN: 1/3/11

PAY: $15-$40/hr

HOW TO APPLY: Contact Matt DeCapua at