How can you tell a demographic is changing?

Times Square is one of the most coveted retail opportunities in the world.  Hundreds of thousands of people cross through the intersection of Broadway and 7th every single day, to sightsee, to buy tickets at TKTS, and, now, to shop.

But what kind of stores are popping out, now that we’ve lost Virgin Megastore and the Howard Johnson’s diner (remember that place?).

I’ve been watching the new vendors moving in very closely, because it’s going to give us an idea of the demo that is gonna be roaming through the block over the next several years.

If you stand in the middle of Times Square and spin around like a kid trying to get dizzy, this is what you’ll see:

Planet Hollywood
The Disney Store
Forever 21
Hard Rock Cafe
Bubba Gump
MTV Studios
American Eagle

And so on . . .

In other words?  Times Square is now a big, flashy mall.

And that means the mall demographic, including a heck of a lot of teens (and families), will be passing through our hallowed halls in numbers greater than ever before.

Which means that shows that appeal to that demo are going to have a much easier time finding their audience.

  • RLewis says:

    That is soooo depressing, but at least it explains why Merchant of Venice is the only show currently selling over 100% capacity, cuz we know how much teens looooove Shakespeare. not.

  • Levi Walker says:

    Thus the need for Hellraiser – The Musical

  • Tom Hoefner says:

    *koff koff* Race McCloud *koff koff*

  • Jeremy Alan Richards says:

    The teens (and their families)are gonna be flocking to HOW TO SUCCEED… with Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a Harry Potter singing, dancing, and signing autographs after the show. Let me know if you want to invest;-)
    P.S. This comment, of course, doesn’t constitute an offer, but is just a general, informal inquiry. The offering regarding this specific production is made only in accordance with the operating agreement.

  • malini says:

    I was walking through Times Square last night and thought the same thing. I call that demographic the Lady Gaga demographic. They certainly were not in the audience of the soon-to-be closed The Scottsboro Boys last night. As a matter of fact, the only tween may have been the youngest defendent of Scottsbor Boys.
    And I love Lady Gaga 🙂

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