Managing Producer – Heritage Productions, LLC

WHO: Heritage Productions, LLC

SEEKING: Managing Producer

RESPONSIBILITIES:  The managing producer will work closely with the producer/creator on a new multi-media theatrical event.  The project also includes video/blog/music internet content, publication of seven short stories, an album recording and a short film.  He/she will be responsible for:
– Managing vendor, investor and customer relationships
– Working with the creator on the hiring and managing of artistic personnel
– Establishing the timelines of project components and overseeing their successful completion
– Updating the business plan, offering documents and financial statements
– Offering counsel on designated artistic project components
– Maximizing marketing strategy

REQUIREMENTS:  The ideal candidate is one with a drive to become one of the best producers of the modern theater.   Candidate should also have a sharp business mind (think left brain executive director to a right brain artistic director), be extremely innovative and let big.jpgcture ideas inspire everyday actions and short-term goals–and vice versa.  Preferably the candidate will have an affinity for Celtic/folk culture and entertainment.

PAY:  Percentage of revenues and a monthly stipend

WHEN:  December, 2010 to December 2011.  Internet content to be generated December-March; short story and album content April-May; live theatrical event creation December-June with rehearsals in June, touring in July-August and Off-Broadway rehearsals/run starting in September; and short film November-December.

HOW TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to Russell Patrick Brown at