Think theater tickets are too expensive? Not for the next 2 weeks.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that theater tickets were too expensive, well, I have enough money to buy two theater tickets!

It’s true, it’s true, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows can cost a pretty penny, which makes it hard for someone of any income level to see as much theater as they might like to see.

Enter The Off Broadway Alliance with 20at20, the initiative that gets you $20 tickets (!) to over 20 Off-Broadway shows.  It’s Off-Broadway’s answer to Restaurant Week . . . and it starts this Monday, January 24th and runs for two weeks only, through February 6th.

The $20 tickets are available starting 20 minutes before each performance.  Lines can be long for those in-demand shows, and tickets are limited, so get there early to save some cash and see great New York City theater. (And if you’re looking for a recommendation for an Off-Broadway show to see, how about checking out Miss Abigail’s Guide!)

So if you’re one of those many people who have said theater tickets are too expensive (and I’m one of them, right along with you), 20at20 is the ultimate rebuttal.

The tickets are only $20.  Not much more than a movie, or a month’s membership to Netflix.  You don’t have an excuse anymore.  So see at least one show over the next two weeks.  Or maybe even two.  (See seven and the Alliance will buy you dinner).

But see something that you wouldn’t normally have seen otherwise, and support the theater that you love so much.

And I’ll even forgive you don’t see my show . . . it just make take a couple of years.

See a full list of available shows at!


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