New Feature: The show I want to see this week.

I know, I know, on Friday, I promised to blog about two ways to get rid of discounting altogether.

But while in the shower this weekend, I came up with a new idea for a feature that I wanted to start today, so the “two ways’ got bumped to tomorrow, like a D-list celeb that’s scheduled to appear in the last 15 minutes of The Tonight Show.  (And come on – don’t you do your best thinking in the shower?  I let my shower door fog up and start writing on it with my finger like it some sort of fog-shower-iPad . . . called the iShower.)

The new blog feature?  It’s called the “The Show I Want To See This Week.”

Here’s how it works.

Every Monday, I’m going to blog about a show that I want to see that week.

Make sense?

So simple, a little bunny rabbit could blog it.

The interesting thing for us to discuss will be “why” I want to see it.

How did it get on my radar?  And is it on yours?  Was it a review, word-of-mouth, a facebook ad, a publicity stunt, or a flyer-guy barking at me in the middle of Times Square.

Now, it doesn’t mean that I will see it, or I won’t see it or even if the show will be any good or not, but it will the one that got my attention that week amidst the thousands of other entertainment options out there.  It could be on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway or in Tallahasse.  But it’ll be a show.  And I’ll want to see it.

Ready?  Here goes . . .

– – – – –

The Show I want to see this week is . . .

The Book of Mormon.


Maybe it’s because my office is right next door to the Eugene O’Neill, but I haven’t heard this much buzz in early, early previews since . . . well, since two shows . . . The Producers and Hairspray.  And we know what happened there.

Add that buzz to the fact that two friends, one in the industry and one not, emailed me immediately after they saw the show with a glowing report.  In fact, one couldn’t wait until the end of the show and emailed me during intermission with this:

“Intermission and my cheeks are hurting!  Hilarious.  Go!”

The other texted me right after the curtain went down.  And when I banged back a text that asked, how offensive the show was on a scale of 1 to 10, the friend replied, “12.”  But interestingly enough, this buddy then proceeded to defend the material and explain why any vulgarity was justified.  Oh, and this guy brought his 12 year old daughter.

If we could only bottle that kind of word-of-mouth and sell it on the streets, advertisers would be out of a job.

So that’s what I want to see this week.  A show that seems to have nuclear powered WOM after only a handful of previews.

Have you seen it yet?  Is it as good as the friends above swear?  Have you heard the same good buzz?  In other words, is it the show YOU want to see this week?  Comment below.

(On a side note, if you’re looking to see Mormon and what to do it with some other theater-loving peeps, the BroadwaySpace Meetup is going as a group on Thursday, March 31st.  Click here for more info.  And join the Meetup – it’s free and fun!)

– – – – –


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  • Amazingly enough, my not particularly theatre-loving spouse has requested tickets to this show! I’m not sure how it got on his radar, but clearly something interesting is happening here!! 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    I have wanted to see this show since I heard they were writing it. Matt and Trey have such a musical theatre sensibility which was evidenced as long ago as their CANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL film. I’m not going this week but I’m going next Friday. A friend went to the first preview and was just blown away. CANNOT wait.

  • says:

    MORMON was brilliant!
    The most fun I’ve had in the theatre in a very long time.

  • Joe Klein says:

    I saw it last saturday. Every musical number is a show stopper. It has been ages since I have seen a show that got a round of applause at the first note of the opening, never mind the first bar.
    Yes it is vulgar, yes it insults everyone, but the audiance never stopped laughing and appluagin. They even poke fun at Spiderman, nothing was off limits. This is what a musical is about. the eonly question is how in hell are they going to do a number from it for the Tony Awards?

  • Jacquie says:

    Thought this article on GeekChicDaily was right on point:
    Spielberg On Broadway? Can Do.
    Close Encounters of the Musical Kind
    Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can arrives on Broadway in March, starring geek fave Tom Wopat (Dukes Of Hazzard) no less! Which of Uncle Steve’s movies should next grace the Broadway stage? Allow us to speculate.
    1.) A.I.: Artificial Intelligence – Today’s audiences generally think of plays and movies as having three acts, but they didn’t always. Shakespeare often favored five acts. A.I.’s multiple finishes could be the perfect throwback to The Bard’s more classic structure.
    2.) Jurassic Park – If Julie Taymor can make singing cartoon lions and dancing giraffes on stilts into an emotionally moving stage extravaganza, man-eating lizards should be a snap.
    3.) Amistad – Maybe not the best idea. Incite audiences in a chant of “Give us, us free!” and they may regret the amount they paid for tickets afterward.
    4.) E.T. – Well, duh. “Phone Home,” “Be Good,” and “I’ll Be Right Here” are song titles already. Throw in Neil Diamond’s “Turn On Your Heartlight” and a patter song based on Gertie’s screaming and Act 1’s already written. Plus, making Elliot and E.T. fly across the moon on a bike should be loads easier than Spider-Man’s recent daredevil debacles.
    5.) 1941 – A tasteless comedy about World War II events? Why not? It worked for The Producers!

  • Besides The Book of Mormon, I want to see … Catch Me If You Can — because I got not only a promo card in the mail, but an accompanying CD with four of the show’s songs. Heck, I want to see this show and I haven’t even played the CD. I figure if they think the songs are that strong, it’s worth my attention. Also, the graphics for the show – the guy leaning against the high heel, the plane’s contrail the seam in the stocking, the clever language – says “this is a show with wit and action.”

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