Bar Code – Rock Musical Staged Readings

WHO: Bar Code


SEEKING: Casting for staged readings on May 2nd and May 23rd for "Bar Code", a rock musical in tradition of HAiR, Urinetown, American Idiot. James Rado, HAiR co-author, is creative consultant. Co-writer Ted Lange (book) is the author of "Evil Legacy – The Story of Lucretia Borgia" which was nominated by LA Weekly for best one-woman show. Authors Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill (music, lyrics, book) co-write and perform in the band Gladshot who's songs have been featured on TNT, CW, Oxygen, MTV and ABC television shows and who have shared the stage with such artists as OK Go, Free Energy, and Michelle Shocked. Andrews is an NEA Jazz Award recipient pianist and Blaxill won BMI's Abe Olman award. Bar Code was featured in the Dixon Place, Warning! Not for Broadway festival.

Looking for classic pop/rock voices, think '60's radio – Good POP singing, FIRST requirement. Musician/singers, band members especially welcome (NO Musical theater, Am idol, divas). Many roles multi-cultural.

Seeking: All leads –
Vendor – male, 38 -60, everyman, rebel history, think Vietnam Vet
Nest – male, 21-30, caucasian, son of TV news anchor, looking for his place, can't get on the wheel
Jobs – male, 24-35, activist computer hacker, nerd, eccentric
Lear – female, 40-65 wise, smart, rebel history
Dorna – female, 22-32, activist-writer, "rock girl" outsider
Jill Sosmiley – female, 35-52, caucasian, head TV news anchor, conservative, eccentric in a dark way
Mr ICE – male, 45-68, caucasian, leader of corporate state, conservative, edgy

Hedeen and Herle – male, 35-65, Mr ICE's assistants, palace guard yes men
Various other roles – 20 to 40, all strong POP singers

WHEN: 4/11/11 – 5/23/11


HOW TO APPLY: Email resume/pic and any audio/video (links only please) to Auditions will be on the afternoon of March 29th in NYC. Four 3-hour rehearsals between April 11 and May 2nd (plus tech), and one or two rehearsals week of May 16th. More info at,"