Fun on a Friday: See Spider-Man for free.

On Wednesday, I spoke about the importance of the contrarian view.

Well, you can’t get much more contrarian that this.

Enter Justin Moran, who earlier this month issued a challenge to himself and to commercial theater in general when he announced that he would be producing his own version of a Spider-Man musical . . . with a budget of zero dollars.

In the YouTube video below, Justin announced that over a 30 day period, he (and whomever he could drum up for some support – including this talented lad) would write, cast, compose, rehearse and open his Spider-Man . . . before the official opening of the $65 million dollar monster on 42nd St.

He’s vowing to beat ’em on budget and beat ’em on time.

And get this, there won’t be any premium prices for his seats.

Everyone gets in for free.

Although with only one performance at The People’s Improv Theater (which seats about 17.4 very tiny people), the tickets could actually be harder to get than tickets to the actual Spider-Man!

Will he succeed?  Will he get a cease & desist?  Will it be any good?

Who knows.

But I do know this . . . it sounds like a lot of fun.

For more info, visit The Spidey Project.

Oh, and Justin, if you read this . . . and are looking for some rehearsal space, we’re happy to donate some time to your cause.  Anyone who challenges themselves and the system is a winner in our book.  Send me an email.





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  • Anna says:

    I logged on at 12:01AM last night (when the tickets went “on sale”) and the site went down for about a minute. By the time I refreshed, it was sold out. 🙁 I heard they are adding a late performance AND there are standby tickets.

  • Yepper Anna, they are doing a 10pm show AND they are moving the band onto the stage to create more room as well. How cool is this!!

  • Jeff says:

    The theater seats about 120 people. The PIT is in a new location on 24th street. No longer in the small black box. Yay!

  • Bett says:

    The PIT actually seats 100 normal sized humans, but the first show sold out in 30 seconds. Hope I can make it in to see this one!

  • Tom says:

    While this sounds like a fun idea for those who are somehow offended by the long preview period, as a producer, do you really want to encourage creation of work without properly acquired rights? (and offer to help in it by donating space)

  • Aaron says:

    Tom, he’s not charging anything for his show, and it’s not running indefinitely, so I hardly see how creating something without the rights is hurting anyone. I’m not sure why you want to stand in the way of artists — or enabling producers — doing their job: to make art.

  • JANISKA says:

    Apparently rights would be to the Spider Man name so why not call it Spider Man Before Fame or withot the bucks or something that would use the hype of Spider, but get around the name and maybe add a little fun??
    Congrats to the producer. What you are doing is bringing back the magic of Broadway when it was all about art and money was a minor issue.
    GO FOR IT!! After the opening you can charge a ticket price only adequate to pay for space, etc.
    LOVE IT!!

  • janiska says:

    There are ways around the rights and it’s art for a change. Worth the risk!!

  • janiska says:

    The show could be supported from donations. Donations of space, talent and tech could donate their fees. If it’s good, audience members would donate as well.

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