Non-Union Actors – Manhattan Repertory Theater

WHO: Manhattan Repertory Theater

SEEKING: DAD'S BIRTHDAY, a 10 minute comedy by Lori Mannette, has been selected for Manhattan Repertory Theater's Spring Play Competition. Non-union actors matching the descriptions must submit headshot and resume.

AUDITION INFORMATION: Auditions will be held by appointment only.

Available roles:
JOE: attractive 50s male. Something of a man-child, but with excellent comedic sensibilities. Will Arnett type.

QUINN: scattered 20s female. Wakes up to the worst imaginable morning. Angry-funny. think young Debra Messing.

WHEN: 5/1/11 – 5/26/11

Rehearsals will be minimal and flexible but MUST be available evenings 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/21, 5/22, 5/25, and 5/26 for tech and performances.

PAY: Stipend is available *if we win*

HOW TO APPLY: contact