The show I want to see this week is . . .

Last Monday saw the debut of “The Show I Want To See This Week” blog, and I picked as my first S.I.W.S, a big splashy Broadway musical in Times Square that deals with subject matter that you wouldn’t necessarily think is funny.

This week, I’m picking a a one-woman show that was playing “Under St. Marks” and deals with subject matter that you wouldn’t necessarily think is funny.

Sense a trend?  Unique stands out.  As did this show.

The show I want to see this week is . . .

Saving Tania’s Privates

Saving Tania’s Privates is a true story of a woman who got breast cancer . . . twice.

So how did STP get on my radar?

Well, you’ve heard that it takes multiple advertising impressions to make a sale, right?  Well, here’s how this one went down . . .

Ok, full disclosure:  I first heard about Tania when they signed up to rehearse in my studio.  Now, we get a lot of renters, and not all of them catch my eye, but the title made me laugh.  And it stuck in my craw.  There was a pop culture reference in it, some sexual slang, etc.  (They had me at “privates.”)

But I didn’t want to see it.

Then I got an email from a guy who invested a lot of money for me once telling me about a Producer friend of his that he thought the world of.  The guy was in town with a show at the Frigid Festival and my friend asked if I would meet with him.  Well, one, I trust this guy’s opinion and two, I wanted him to invest a lot of money with me again someday, so I took the meeting.

You guessed it.  The show was STP.

I met with the Producer (AJ Epstein) who impressed me when he told me about the production’s sold-out history from Seattle, how fast tickets were selling here, and showed me just a few of the reviews Tania had received.  And, frankly, I also just liked the guy.

I was curious, but I still didn’t want to see it.

Like a good Producer, AJ kept me updated all last week with the good reviews that were rolling in from this production, and that they had been selected for an extension . . . but it didn’t make a difference.

It wasn’t until tonight that the multitude of impressions finally caught up with me when he emailed me one more time telling me that they had a special guest at the show last night.

Who walked in with paid-for tickets?

U2’s The Edge . . . aka The Composer of Spider-Man.

Now they had my attention.  How did Edge hear about Tania?  Why did he buy tickets without telling anyone he was coming?  Of all the shows in the city, why did he take a night off from Spider-Man to see this one?

I’ll probably never know.  And neither may AJ.

But this little bit of celebrity-style social proof had me wanting to get down there to see what all the Edge was about.

And that reminded me that sometimes it’s not who’s in the show that matters . . . it’s who’s in the audience.  Didn’t you ever want to have a certain piece of clothing because your friend did?  Or didn’t you ever want to go somewhere on vacation because you knew someone else did?  That’s exactly what Cialdini was talking about.

It’s like a nightclub.  Get the right people to show up . . . and lots of other people will follow.


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