The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Mamma Mia!

A lot of jukebox musicals have come and gone since Mamma Mia! opened on Broadway in 2001.  And except for Jersey Boys, which I don’t even refer to as a jukebox musical, nothing has come close to the success of La Mamma.

In fact, add in that movie, and Mamma Mia! is well on its way to being one of the most successful properties we’ve had in the last 50 years of our business.

Anything that successful is a must see for producers and writers that want a similar-sized hit.  And this week, one lucky reader will get two tickets to see it for free!

How do you enter?

Here’s the game.  Enter a comment below . . . and tell me what group’s music you would like to see as used in a jukebox musical.  I’ll pick the winner of the Mamma Mia! tickets from one of those comments.

Good luck!

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  • Rebecca LaChance says:

    I would love to see a jukebox musical of Reel Big Fish. Bring ska to Broadway!!!!

  • peter says:

    Rebecca that is an awesome idea…
    I’d like to see a Beach Boys musical.

  • Kevin says:

    Not a group, strictly speaking, but plenty of material – Roy Orbison!

  • Drunkbrunch says:

    I’d love to see a Radiohead musical… perhaps one that incorporates a multimedia show.

  • Amy says:

    I’m going with The Dixie Chicks! Those girls love their instruments.

  • emily says:

    I think a Weezer musical could be fun!

  • Amy says:

    And, I’m responding again. It’s a crazy day in the woods of New Hampshire. I’m adding Chris Isaak to The Dixie Chicks. Not only do these two acts complement (and compliment) The gg Monologues (!), and each other, they are true show people, offering sound and lyrics that are sure to inspire audiences.

  • SweetP says:

    Fleetwood Mac. The finale is “Don’t Stop…” then work backwards.

  • Sandy says:

    The Monkees!
    A musical comedy called “Daydream Believer” in the same vein as the old TV show! 🙂

  • Lisa G says:

    Well, since Tom Waits isn’t a band and ELO sort of already got Broadway-ified in “Xanadu,” I’ll nominate Coldplay. The “Viva La Vida” album could be interesting staged.

  • Lauren says:

    I’m going to go outside the box and say The Black Eyed Peas

  • Lisa G says:

    No, wait! I’ve got it! AIR SUPPLY! Everyone knows those songs, even if they won’t admit it.

  • Mark Gagliardi says:

    Ok so lets talk Jukebox musicals.
    Im a fan of rock. Love love love. I feel with these crazy jukebox musical trends, Rock (and forms of rock/pop) is always a number one forerunner to be turned into a musical. If another jukebox musical was made from rock, I’d have to say Panic! At the Disco is needed to be made into a musical. Their first album: “A Fever you can’t Sweat out” is CRAZY. their album has the nuttiest song titles. However, the lyrics are all fantastic because they can be easily made into a storyline. THe orchestration would be revamped to blend a fantastic Electric guitar with the strings. The album has that already. But live….. OMG. It would be a rock concert, but the difference is there would be a fun cast of all sorts of character actors, dancers, young, old. The lyrics support a vast array of people…Like La Mamma. We have young, old, funny, serious. All the songs would be glorified by all ages in the cast.
    I saw them live back in High school, and they rocked. THe audience was of course Teenagers who were into “punk and emo”…and being an Musical theater dork, i was sticking out like a sore thumb….but it was AWESOME. The band is a group of young guys, who now how to ENTERTAIN. In a set of three bands, they were the one who gave us our money’s worth. 2006 was a great year for them.
    Unfortunately their sophomore album was…a slump. But their first one was GOLD.
    THey’re crazy, dont get me wrong, but they KNOW HOW TO WORK.
    Ok. Now a completely different Jukebox musical would be a revue of old music. 1910-1930.
    Recently, I was in a reading of “HELLO! my Baby” (By Georgia Stitt and Cheri Steinkellner) at Goodspeed Musicals in CT, and it was fantastic. It had classics that made the audience say “remember when?”….Granted they were all grandparents….but it put a smile on their faces. And that was the best feeling. The next day, they were all talking about it at the theater saying “Oh! My grandparents (way back when i was your age) use to sing me those songs around the kitchen, or when I was sleeping, or on the Sunday Car ride”
    This show neeeeeds to be on the look out. I call it “THe old dog that learned new tricks”
    The storyline is very musical theater. Its a love story. It has conflict. It has history. Its funny. The songs are CLASSIC. THERE ARE BIG DANCE NUMBERS. The sets would be fun…and you’d go home humming the music. An enjoyable night for all. THats what I say…
    ….those are my thoughts….. 🙂

  • Jake says:

    If we’re talkin strictly money-making, Lady Gaga is the clear choice here. Well-versed in the theater, her Monster Ball tour is successful in large part because it is so over the top theatrical. Most jukebox musicals up til now have been at least a little bit behind the American culture (even American Idiot, which is relatively modern, came long after the album was a hit). Not only would the Gaga musical revise everyone’s idea of what a musical can be, it would sell like hotcakes (look at Born This Way and the international craze it set off in hours).
    Plus, doing a Broadway show eight nights a week is just crazy enough that she might do it.

  • Shell says:

    Duran Duran. They have enough from material from the 80’s alone for a great jukebox musical.

  • Sarah P. says:

    How about an Eagles musical…”Hotel California,” anyone?? 🙂 They have some great classic rock songs, many with intriguing storytelling potential. (“New Kid In Town,” “Life In The Fast Lane,” “Desperado,” “Witchy Woman,” to name a few.)

  • says:

    Queen!! The music is so lyrical that a story could easily be kindled from their amazing songs.

  • says:

    How about the GoGo’s?!

  • MN says:

    The EURYTHMICS! The show would be called “Sweet Dreams the Musical.” Seriously…would I lie to you?

  • Noah Befeler says:

    Meat Loaf… plenty of room for pyrotechnics 🙂

  • Roger Gindi says:

    Peter, Paul and Mary!

  • Matt Lowe says:

    One thing I think Mamma has going for it, is that it tells a story totally unrelated to the music, that does a fairly good job of weaving the music in. This as opposed to musical “collections” a la Smokey Joe’s Cafe.
    I’d agree in ruling out Jersey Boys, as it’s more bio-musical than juke box-y.
    For pure lyrical story-telling, I’m hard pressed to think of a better subject than Bruce Springesteen. The white collar/suburban struggle to live the American Dream…the extensive catalog of hits.

  • Tracey says:

    Queen: A Night At the Opera would make a great show.

  • Nancy Paris says:

    I always wanted to choreograph a show to Elton John’s music, but since he is not a group, I vote for Bon Jovi. “Living on a Prayer”…that’s my theme song.

  • Linda Shell says:

    Madonna-her music in a show based on her life and starring Gaga as Madonna, with Madonna in a featured role.

  • Kati O'Brien says:

    My favorite was already made into a musical (Jersey Boys haha) so, um…my second choice is Queen! All of their songs tell a story and totally can be put together to be made into a musical. And all of the people I know like Queen’s music, so the musical would be popular. It’d be huge and bright and extravagant (like Queen itself haha)! Point is- I’d totally go see that. Multiple times. 😀

  • I would love a dance concert style show based on the music of Queen – the underlying meaning of the lyrics, the brilliant musical arrangements, the amazing vocals – coupled with strong, athletic choreography and the scenes broken down into themes would be amazing.

  • John says:

    Ordinarily I’d suggest any band from the classic rock era, but I think The Fame Monster from Lady Gaga would not only work but could be a massive hit. Do you realize sh has 32.2 million Facebook fans?

  • Adriana says:

    I would love to see a jukebox musical of either The Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

  • Sue OConnor says:

    I guess I’d take a different tact. I’d love to see a musical comprised of songs from shows that never made it to Broadway. Sone from Last Five Years, Songs for a New World, John and Jen, many Tick, Tick Boom, It’s Only Life, etc etc strung together with a different story from what the original writers imagined. The songs would be theatrical already so it would just take an ingenious book writer and a bit of dramaturgy.

  • Justin says:

    A well done campy period musical is always a crowd pleaser, the music of AIR SUPPLY would fit that bill rather well.
    I would also love to see a PETER GABRIEL jukebox musical, his music is so varied, rich, and vivid.

  • Evan says:

    I’d like to see a jukebox musical with Tom Jones songs!

  • Claire says:

    I’d like a jukebox musical with Cat Stevens songs. 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    As much as I would pay to see a ECC line-up of guys who cut their hair like the Biebs, I’m going to go with…Aerosmith!

  • Sandy Frederick says:

    Hi Ken,
    I think Queen would be an excellent choice for a jukebox musical. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is so theatrical, and “Somebody to love” is dramatic. I think Freddy Mercury was a musical theatre star waiting to happen.

  • Elise Milner says:

    Steely Dan! I want Caves of Altimira, the Musical! Hells yeah!

  • Nick Leshi says:

    Queen would certainly be perfect, but since others said I’d have to go with Oasis. I think they have enough great tunes to build a solid story around and make it a memorable long-lasting show. Whether or not the Gallagher Brothers would be easy to work with and not create headaches for the producers of such a jukebox musical is another matter. 🙂

  • Robb Johnston says:

    How About Phish? I am not even going for Gamehendge because they won’t do it. But The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday would be awesome to see onstage.
    Really I would like to see Rift fleshed out and on stage

  • Robb Johnston says:

    correction . . . I mistyped my email

  • The Ronettes! (Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, Walking in the Rain etc)
    They were incredibly theatrical and sexy, and there is strong built-in drama, with Phil Spector marrying lead singer Ronnie Spector and later blocking the group’s entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years out of spite. Ronnie resumed her career two decades later and is still performing, 50 years after her first appearance. And look what happened to Phil…
    If you do it, I want to write the book!
    Mike V

  • Charles says:

    Love em or Hate em I’m going with Def Leppard. Def Leppard is one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million copies each in the US. The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen. Def Leppard’s fourth album Hysteria released in 1987, topped the U.S and UK album charts. As of 2009 the band had 12x platinum sales in the United States, and has gone on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.[ The album spawned seven hit singles, including the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number one “Love Bites”, alongside “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “Hysteria”, “Armageddon It”, “Animal” and “Rocket”. Ironically there is not one Def Leppard song in the hit Broadway Show “Rock of Ages” because of a rights issue.
    Perhaps the band would love to see an entire show built around their music.

  • two words for you. Me Nudo.
    actually that’s one one word – MENUDO!

  • Bert says:

    Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road would make a wonderful jukebox musical.

  • Randall David Cook says:

    Pet Shop Boys, and I’m not counting that whatsit they tried in London for a while… Madonna, Kylie Minogue, B-52’s, R.E.M.: all ready to be musicalized!

  • Howard Olah-Reiken says:

    The Grateful Dead, of course! They have a built in audience that grew up seeing them over and over again, even when they had to scrape to buy the next ticket. Now the fans are grown, earning a living, and still pretty much addicted to the music. Great music, great counterculture story, great ticket sales!

  • Tom Lupfer says:

    Ben Folds Five! So many girl’s names in their songs could become characters, and the music is inherently theatrical….there’s a great show there, waiting to be written.

  • Ed from CT says:

    Good thought but Queen already has been done: “We Will Rock You” has run to packed houses in London’s West End for about 8 years now- in a 2000 seat house.

  • Theresa Dayton says:

    I have to go with …wait for it… the Bee Gees. Ok, stay with me. First of all, their music spanned several decades so the genre of music would be varied. If you are going to base it on their lives, you’ve got so many story elements to tap into. Younger brother, Andy’s death. The “family” element..brothers working together. Robin left the group for a while and came back to the “family”. The drug culture of the sixties. The disco days and Studio 54. One of the Bee Gees was married to Lulu (that’s worth something..right?). The British invasion. Barry Gibb’s infamous temper (as shown on SNL). There is so much material to play with.. plus, the music is a guilty pleasure. Ex hippies and Hair fans would love the 60s elements. Fans of Jersey Boys are sure to love it because it’s based on a true story like JB. Middle aged peeps would relive their disco sweetened childhoods. Even fans of SNL who enjoyed Justin Timberlake’s “Robin Gibb” may come along for the ride. Everyone wins. You can even call it “Nights on Broadway”. Perfect! LOL.

  • The Carpenters! The show would have the international allure similar to that of Mamma Mia since their music is so well known – who doesn’t know “Close to You?” or can resist singing along to the simple yet infectious lyrics “Sing, sing a song. Sing out loud, sing out strong…?”

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    My instinct is, as many have said, Queen, but We Will Rock You is an existing Queen jukebox musical, isn’t it?
    Instead, my gut feeling is Barenaked Ladies.
    A Top 40 or two in there, like ‘One Week’ for the fans.
    Some balladry in the form of ‘Every Subway Car’ and its ilk.
    Forward rocking aggro-rock emotional breakdown tension and conflict from ‘The Old Apartment’.
    And hesitant love-at-first-blistering romance with ‘Call And Answer’.
    Oh, I think that could be really nice.

  • Carol d, says:

    James Taylor The Musical would be a cozy chamber musical for an off-Broadway house and for later licensing. It would be a love story. Perhaps the protagonist takes love for granted, almost losing it, but saving the relationship before it was too late. The future lovers could meet on a trip, opening with “Country Road,” and later when one of them was traveling again, they could sing “Song For You Far Away.” It would include a sad song or two like “Fire and Rain,” and wistful like “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight.” Maybe James would write a few new songs for production numbers – something upbeat like “Line ‘em up,” and “Brother Trucker.” The Finale, “Shower the People,” would have everyone in the audience feeling the love in the room, and wanting to go home to shower their family and friends with love.

  • Joewmarshall says:

    In any jukebox musical one would try to find a diverse or at least popular artist/song(s). My choice would be “Barenaked ladies” They cover a larger gamut, easier to contextualized into a dramatic/comic plot. Understanding that in some cases the plot doesn’t revolve around the particular musical group at all.( for instance MAMA MIA! Moving Out!) Other times, it’s the main focus(for instance Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story and Jersey Boys).

  • cindy says:

    Gene Simmons Rocks!!
    Would be totally awesome

  • Matthew Masten says:

    Hmm…it’s not a group, but I would love to create a MIKA musical! His musical style is incredibly unique and it would bode well on stage (in my opinon). Listen to the song “Happy Ending”! It is a showstopper! It would be better yet to have him create a stage musical and make the show his next pop album. Opposite of American Idiot!
    I think I might be onto something…

  • Sabrina says:

    I would like to see songs of The Beatles worked into a book musical. It would take some work, but it would definitely be interesting!

  • I think because you can either love him or hate him, it would make some wonderful controversy, and thereby press and thereby ticket sales: Eminem. I know he’s a rapper and not a band, but I think an Eminem stage musical would be quite exciting.

  • Theo says:

    Oh definitely QUEEN. That would be a fun and quirky musical indeed.

  • Amy says:

    After seeing shows such as Across the Universe and All Shook Up, I have come to love incoperating older music into musicals. So, I would nominate the music of the Harlem Renaissance, the jazz and blues. More specifically, Cab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald. Have slow, inspirational songs like Summertime and Sunday Kind of Love with fun, upbeat songs like Zaz Zuh Zaz and whathaveyou. That would make for an amazing time.

  • Chad G says:

    I have always enjoyed the story elements of the music of They Might be Giants. They aren’t as big of a name as other groups, bit i feel a fun story line could be developed from their earlier albums. They are starting to focus on children’s music now. It could be interesting to also focus on a jukebox musical going after the children demographic that is popular on the off broadway scene.

  • Shaunna B. says:

    I would definitely love to see a musical of The Mamas and the Papas music!

  • clio says:

    Jimmy Buffett!!!

  • Bethynyc says:

    Such great suggestions already! My vote is for David Bowie. His long career means that there are tons of songs that could be reworked for a Broadway stage, and Bowie’s theatricality is a legend.

  • Shaina says:

    George Clinton and the Parliament of Funk!!! Everybody loves funk – even if they don’t know it.

  • Marybeth says:

    Ace of Base! The show could be called “Don’t Turn Around.”

  • Myra says:

    The Jackson 5

  • Keni F says:

    Lots of great suggestions! My feeling is that Lion King has reigned for too long with no real challenger from the animal kingdom, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Alvin and the Chipmunks! Or, better yet, the Monkees! Or maybe just throw in the towel and make an Elton John jukebox musical from Elton’s pre-theatrical repertoire… lots to mine there. Anyone have the number for Sir Elton’s iphone?

  • I just would like to say that on March 27, 2011 I wrote Panic! at the Disco should make a musical ……
    ….I have ESP.

  • Leora H says:

    I’m going to have to go with one of my favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac. Their music is great and if the book is written well enough, their songs can easily enhance and help tell a story.
    Though considering the band’s history, conflicts and romantic entanglements, it might be more fun, interesting, and plausible to do a Jersey Boys sort of take on the show and tell the group’s story.

  • linda says:

    how about the osmond family,marie and crew very broadway t have a family to market to families linda haddad

  • Jules says:

    Bon Jovi, Pet Shop Boys and David Bowie could be made into great jukebox musicals.
    Also Sting’s Island of the Blue Turtle, Harry Connick Jr’s Star Turtle and Howard Jones.

  • Porsche says:

    I think Fall Out Boy has some great songs that would work. Forget about what I said, Dance, Dance, Sugar We’re goin’ Down.

  • Brian Cullen says:

    Lets go way back and and nominate the Lesley Gore musical. It’s My Party would be a great opening number, Judy’s Turn to Cry could be worked into the 2nd act. You don’t Own Me would be a great 1st act closer, then California Nights could be the big ballad closing the show. Ann Hathaway or Leslie Kritzer would be a great Leslie.

  • Alan Braverman says:

    A musical based on The Beach Boys music just might be the next “Mama Mia.”

  • Monica says:

    The music of “Erasure” would be great in a musical.

  • Andrew Beck says:

    Although his previous attempt at Broadway didn’t work out too well, I would like to see a musical made of the music of Phil Collins and Genesis, although Irish Rep might want to try a musical drawn from the music of the Cranberries.

  • Tiphanie says:

    The Hold Steady – a majority of their songs are already concerned with the same cast of characters, and deal with similar themes and motifs. Granted, it might be hard to choreograph, but lyrically, I think they tap into a lot of the longing and heartache of how teenagers feel and interact, and the growing pains of turning into an adult and trying to retain parts of youth.

  • Teresa L says:

    Without a doubt, that 70’s sensation The Bay City Rollers. All that Tartan and 70’s pop would be awesome!

  • Ralph Scarpato says:

    The Monkees. Built-in showbiz appeal. Their bio movie “Daydream Believer” could provide the plot and the songs are there, written by The Monkees themselves as well as Neil Diamond, Carol King, etc.

  • Ralph Scarpato says:

    Or Tommy James and the Shondells. They’ve been covered by everyone and don’t get the credit they deserve. He’s even written a book about himself and organized crime in the record biz.

  • Yosi Merves says:

    I’d love to see a jukebox of late 90’s/early 2000’s pop music e.g. Britney Spears, ‘NSync, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguliera, A-Teens, etc.

  • sandra says:

    Any or all of the above!!

  • says:

    I’d say the Pointer Sisters, but there might not be room for another musical about a band made up of 3 (or 4) black women. In which case, I’m thinkin’ either Tina Turner, or Prince.

  • John Lallis says:

    the PLATTERS…they had a distinctive sound and all their songs are singable.

  • Jasonjhr says:

    One word: Hall & Oates

  • Jennifer says:

    Earth, Wind, and Fire.

  • Warren says:

    Benny and the Jets. How many recordings didn’t they make?

  • Alex Jorth says:

    After tossing around a few very different ideas in my head … I decided to go with STYX. Totally energetic, story-driven songs with VAST commercial appeal.

  • Lisa Bodnar says:


  • RobBodnar says:

    I’d love to see Lady Gaga.

  • Amanda says:

    Earth, Wind and Fire – Hot Feet – 2006, I believe.

  • Amanda says:

    Good Vibrations, mid-2000s.

  • Amanda says:

    The Jackson 5 would be fantastic. That family sure has enough drama to create a hell of a book musical…

  • Ladesta says:

    The Osmond’s the great white family hope of the 70’s and their Mormons…its a trend!

  • Ladesta says:

    I mean…they are Mormon’s.

  • MomsThoughts says:

    Queen, Springsteen,
    you got me with your April Fool’s joke. ha ha

  • Jimbo from NYC says:

    Do BEEHIVE. It’s a great show, and it already exists. And it covers a lot of the songs mentioned above!

  • Tom says:

    I know I missed the deadline, but I think you could do something fun with The Mamas and the Papas songbook.

  • megan says:

    weird al. Mostly his own compositions, not all parodies. But some parodies.
    I’m pretty sure this would be an amazing musical.
    NOT a movie musical of UHF.
    A completely newly relized gem of story. weird al style.

  • meg says:

    but…she wouldn’t be in it. SHE’S the biggest part of her music.
    the second biggest player is her producer, the songs stand on the effects most of the time.
    take those two things away and you’ve got magic free music I think. Sadly.

  • D says:

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