Fun on a Friday: Obama’s directing a musical.

What’s more difficult . . . directing a musical?  Or being the President of the United States?

Leave it to The Onion to put Barack Obama in the Director’s chair of a new production of Guys & Dolls.

(And does this mean Jack O’Brien gets a shot at the oval office?)

Happy weekend, all!


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  • Jdegroot says:

    This is cute and clever, but on a more serious note, I just finished listening to Howard Sherman’s ATW Downstage Center interview with Nicholas Hytner of the Royal National Theatre in the UK.
    There was a time when they got 60% of their annual funding from the British taxpayer. He references German theaters that get 90%! Even though it is now down to a much smaller percentage thanks to austerity measures and conservative influence, the National Theatre will still be receiving 18.7m pounds in 2010/2011. That’s 30.5 million USD. while that may not seem like much in an era of $70m musicals, it’s still pretty significant. So even if The Onion’s reporting makes us laugh, it is worth remembering that there are many countries in the world and many time throughout history when the idea of the government putting on shows is not a jake at all, but to be expected as an obvious and important reality.

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