The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Blue Man Group Off-Broadway!

One of the things I love about theater is that it’s not permanent.

If you make a movie, you lock it down, and that’s it.  If you write a book, you publish it and it’s done.

You can’t make edits to either of those forms while they are out there in the world.

But a show can change . . . nightly.

You’d think that the creators of Blue Man Group would be satisfied enough with their 20 year run in NYC, their Intel commercials, and the countless companies all over the world to just sit back on some blue beach somewhere, sipping blue cocktails, and counting green money.

But nope, the revolutionary Blue Boys went back to their studio recently and cooked up some more super clever bits to make sure their show was still as cutting edge as it was when it debuted two decades go.  And that’s what being an artist is all about–always trying to be better.

And suprise, surprise, we’ve got two tickets for you to see the New Blue!

Here’s how this week’s giveaway is gonna work:

If you want tickets to see Blue Man Group, give me a comment below and imagine that it’s 20 years from now, and Blue Man Group is still running, and they are going to change their name and their color.

What would you change them to?

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  • Caskey says:

    I’m going to say they’ve upgraded to a more vivid blue color and are calling themselves the New Blue Men Group. That branding is to strong to let go of.

  • Smallactor5 says:

    I would change them Neon Blue and call them AquaMen.

  • Sarah P. says:

    I’d make em The Cerulean Gentlemen, cuz “cerulean” is just so fun to say. 🙂 (And still a shade of blue!)

  • Ian McDonald says:

    Twenty years from now, Matt Goldman, Chris Wink and Phil Stanton will be getting up there in years, and the extreme phyiscality of the show may necessitate a complete cast change. So, in a brilliant marketing move to tie in to the 60 year revival of Grease, the original boys in blue cast three talented women to play the lovable silent aliens in their reimagined performance piece and call it:
    The Pink Ladies.

  • Robb Johnston says:

    The League of Ultramarine Gentlepersons. Surely in 20 years are alien overlords will have started sending the female of their species in their plan to colonize our theater districts

  • Lisa G says:

    20 years from now? Obviously, they’d all be interactive holograms and the audience would be treated to a virtual reality designed to imitate the changing face of New York City over the 40 years of the show’s run.
    They’ll still be BLUE MAN GROUP, but to be truly cutting edge, their color will made from a new element discovered in the blue ice crystals of Saturn by recently-returned-to-earth Explorer XI space probe that NASA launched in 2021, because it glows and makes a pretty humming sound when introduced into Earth’s atmosphere.

  • Acahalanern says:

    Rainbow People- Where all colors are regarded equally <3

  • Laura Manske says:

    Still running for 20 years? Ken, they’ll be the Gray Man Group!

  • Theresa Dayton says:

    Um… within 20 years, there will be a new surge of women’s rights. We are due for another upswing. And this show will reflect that with…
    The Formation of Futuristic Fuschia Females (FFFF).
    (Of course.. they wouldn’t be “Futuristic” in 20 years, because the future would be the present… but we’ve got 20 years to work all that out).

  • Auntief says:

    Announcement just before curtain: “There has been a cast change: The Blue Man Group are now being played by the Blue Grand Son Group! Please remember there is no taking of 3D images in the theater! Thank You!”

  • John says:

    The “Black n’ Blue Man Group”

  • 20 years from now, Women will also be involved…no sexism….Therefore!
    It will be the Blue People Group!

  • Lana M. says:

    I would change them to the Red Lips Group.

  • Theo says:

    I would have them go fuchsia and call themselves Pinky & The Brains. Honestly, I hope they never change their color or name 🙂

  • Ladesta says:

    Ken, I would call them the Gray Man Group cause those guys are old!

  • Amanda says:

    I think that they will have changed to the Green Man Group because the world will hopefully be greener in 20 years. But unless everybody has a major breakthrough this might not happen, then they might as well be the Blue Man Group.

  • Nancy Paris says:

    Earth will evolve out of its “blue” period and into a happier “orange” state of being. We will be more egalitarian. We will no longer work for “The Man” but be a society of entrepreneurs. So to reflect the zeitgeist, the show will be renamed “Orange Being Consortium”

  • Brian says:

    I’m going to say that they’re still the blue man group, but since there’ll be so many of them they’ll be blue man group a, b, c etc

  • Anthony says:

    The Innovative Indigos!

    Or was that the oiginal name of

  • Ali says:

    The Lean, Green, Musical Machine!

  • Justin says:

    flourecent orange!

  • Brian Cullen says:

    It will reflect 2 recent trends in theatre. It will be corporate sponsored and be called
    The JetBLUE still in previews SpiderMAN Group.

  • Don Lieber says:

    May 1, 2031
    40th Anniversary of
    GREEN GIG-A-BYTE(formerly Blue Man Group) featuring GreenBoyGirl.
    The evolution of man-as-the-thinking-drum was established in the late 20th century by Blue Man. The next phase of waking-music-life on Earth is emerging now with the arrival of GREEN GIG-A-BYTE. Green BoyGirl uses amphibian percussion biology to return to the next vital color challenge of our species, while fullfilling the evolutionary responsibility as the last remaining link between the computer overseers and our primal musical consciousness. Interactive Humidity Dancing Included.

  • Rafi says:

    The Purple People – it’s nice and alliterative.

  • Evan says:

    The Red Rascals.

  • Monica says:

    “The Invisible Men”. Robots and technological illusions will be used in combination with (or even replacements for)real actors for a virtual reality, high tech theater experience.

  • Keni says:

    White Man Vanishing…

  • rick says:

    grey old man group

  • jodi freed says:

    Dare I even say it, but it this is all they have done for 20 years, I’d say it is time for them to get a social life. 20 years from now of only work, work, work, and they will most certainly be the “blue ball group.” ( sorry, the color stays the same.)

  • Rick says:

    The Blue Man Group changes their color nightly in their shows as their face and body paints are actually holographically programmed to not only change colors at whim but they can actually go invisible or blend, chameleon-style into any background they have physically on stage or projected. They have changed their name to the Hue-Man Group. The group consists of cast members from both genders but appear completed androgynous in costume.

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