Who won the tix to Mamma Mia?

Ok, so there were almost 100 comments on the Mamma Mia! tix entry with all kinds of suggestions for jukebox musicals. 

Some of which have been done (Queen), some of which I know are in the works (Hall & Oates), and some of which I have actually inquired about over the years (The Carpenters).  

Click here to read some of the other ideas.  I guarantee you'll have some tune from some artist stuck in your head after you get through the list (and that would be a sign that there might be something to that artist having a show on Broadway).

But this blog isn't about jukebox musicals. This blog is about the winner of the two tickets to see the ultimate and most successful j-box show on Broadway . . . Mamma Mia!

And . . .

Congratulations, TREY BLACKBURN, you are the "winner takes all" winner!

Email me for the details on how to pick up your tickets to see Mamma Mia! at the Winter Garden Theatre on the Broadway!

And the rest of you . . . start calling about the rights to some of those ideas.  Because there are some gems on that list.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway.  

Want a hint as to what we've got?  




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