NYC Actors – Fringe Show

WHO: Attic Theater Company

Project: This One Time in Last Chance, by Sam Gooley
Producer: The Attic Theater Company
Director: Laura Braza


Man – late 20s-early 30s; any ethnicity. A guy who never really has anything go his way and blames it on everything but himself. He’s loyal but not confident.

Dude – late 20s-early 30s; any ethnicity. An overtly positive drug dealer. He doesn’t let things get to him because he doesn’t ever really think about the outcome; a moment-to-moment type of guy.

Chester – 30s; any ethnicity. Is a lonely man who only has one thing that’s keeping him from complete despair. His dog. Which is missing.

WHEN: The show will perform during the Fringe Festival, August 12-28th, in one of their venues (yet to be disclosed). Shows will be in the evenings (and weekends during the day).

Rehearsals will begin on or several days after Tuesday, July 12th, and will take place in the evenings (and during the days on weekends).


PAY: Stipend for AEA



Monday, July 12th, 3pm-7pm


Schedule audition times by emailing hs/resume to

Notes/What to bring:

Sides provided when audition is scheduled.