Photo / Resume Request – Ghosts

WHO: Classic Play Reading Series (NYC) Equity Showcase, approval pending.

Artistic Director/Director: Emmy Frank
By Henrik Ibsen

STORY LINE: Oswald returns home to his family in the country when he learns he is dying. Secrets about his family’s past come out to reveal that Regina is Oswald’s half sister and their unfaithful father passed down syphilis to him.


Oswald Alving:
20s, artistic, east village hipster type. Has feelings for Regina and comes home to live with his mother after he finds out he’s dying.

Mrs. Helene Alving:
40s-60s, Oswald’s wealthy mother, she has begun to rebel against traditional religious and social values. Her guilt forces her to tell her son the truth about his father’s infidelities.

Regina Engstrand:
20s, outwardly shy and timid, secretly strong willed and ambitious. Engstrand’s daughter, Mrs. Alving’s maid, and Oswald’s object of affection. Often peppers her language with French to impress the upper class.

Jakob Engstrand:
40s-60s, Regina’s alcoholic father who aspires to open an “establishment” for sailors. He manipulates stories to make himself look like a martyr.

Pastor Manders:
40s-60s, the local priest. Extremely pious, close minded, judgmental, and naïve. Is opening an orphanage with Mrs. Alving. Is easily shocked by the truth about the Alving family’s unsavory history.

Mission Statement:
The Classic Play Reading Series strives to update classic plays and musicals to make them more relevant, thought provoking, and enjoyable for modern audiences.

WHEN: 1st rehearsal: 6/14/11.
Performs: 7/7 – 7/10, 7/14 – 7/17 (7:30pm, 6pm on Sundays), at the Merchant’s House Museum- Secret Garden. 29 East 4th Street, New York, NY.

PAY: $500 stipend


NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Deadline for submissions: May 18, 2011