Play my 2011 Tony pool! You can win an iPad!

Mmmmmm, Tony Award.

Mmmmmm, iPad.

Put ’em together and you get . . . my 2011 Tony Award Pool!

Yep, every year we let you be the Tony Voter.  Who do you think is going to win?

Pick the winners and you could be walking around with a brand spankin’ new iPad Deux.

Now, this might all seem like fun & games (and it is) but picking Tony Winners is a big part of what Producers do.  If you’ve got a good eye, you could be beating the Broadway game for reals, yo.

So let’s see what you’ve got!

To play, click the link below and pick away!


Some rules and regs:

– Only one entry per reader.  Multiple entries will disqualify all of your entries.

– To play, you must be an email subscriber to the blog.  If you are not an email subscriber, use the box on the upper left corner of this page to subscribe now.  If you are already an email subscriber, you do not have to resubscribe.

– Make sure you fill out ALL of the information on the “Verification Page” of your entry.  Incomplete entries (and there were a few last year) cannot be counted.  And that’s a major bummer.

– When asked for your email on the “Verification Page”, make sure you enter the same email that you use to subscribe to the blog. It’s how we verify who you are.

Got it?  Good!

So PLAY TODAY and you can win an iPad!

Click here to enter.  Hurry voting closes on Tony Sunday June 9, 2011 at 11:59 PM!

  • Hiya Ken,
    I want to win the two tickets to The Shaggs, because my 18-year-old daughter and I are visiting NY next week from CA–because we have finally found my daughter’s half-brother after nineteen years of looking for him, and my hilariously funny girl should have something really hilarious to do with her hilariously funny and adorable big brother, whom she’s never met in person. (We just found him a month ago.) Their dad’s dead– but now they’ve got each other, and they like each other tremendously, just talking on the phone. True story, I swear–and how totally cool is that? Seeing this show together would be their first really wonderful experience together. It would be heart-breakingly wonderful if they could do something utterly special and fabulous, like see a Broadway show–particularly a comedy! We’re in NY from 5/30 – 6/2.
    Thanks so much for your e-mails and blog–I’m here in CA working as a scriptwriter and program designer, missing NYC (home) and Broadway so much–you keep me tuned in and happy. I am wildly appreciative.

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