Special Saturday Post: A seminar summary.

Our seminar schedule has been all over the map recently, so I wanted to spell it out clearly for you (and for me, frankly, so I know what I'm talking about, and where I'm talking about it!).

So here's the scoop on the upcoming seminars in New York City and other locations:

Get Your Show Off The Ground – New York City

Saturday, June 25th                 
Saturday, September 17th
Saturday, November 19th

Time:  2 – 6PM
Location:  Davenport Studio

Book it!  

Get Your Show Off The Ground – Minneapolis

Sunday, May 15th 

Time:  1 – 3PM
Location:  The Guthrie

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Get Your Show Off The Ground – London

Sunday, June 6th

Time:  7 – 10PM
Location:  TBD

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Broadway Investing 101 – New York City

Tuesday, May 3rd
Tuesday, May 31st
Tuesday, June 28th
Tuesday, July 26th
Tuesday, August 30th

Time:  6:30 – 8PM
Location:   Davenport Studio

Book it!

Broadway Investing 101 – Minneapolis

Sunday, May 15th

Time:  6:30 – 8PM
Location:  The Guthrie

Book it!


To learn more about the seminars, and to book your spot, click here!

Can't make a seminar?  I offer consulting services both in person and on the phone, both to individuals and groups.  Click here.


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