Overheard at Angus: Volume IX

There has been a lot of talk about marriage this weekend (and
congratulations to everyone, btw – even though I’m a Red Sox fan, I was a very proud New Yorker on Friday night).

Because of all this chatter, I couldn’t help but get a chuckle out of the conversation I overheard between two Producers, one of whom has a show slated for production soon:

Producer #1:  I’m thinking about getting married again.  But I’m not sure.

Producer #2:  How come?

Producer #1:  I did it once. It didn’t work out.  And it’s hard.

Producer #2:  It sure is hard.  But when you get it right, it’s magical.

Producer #1:  Huh.

Producer #2:  What?

Producer #1:  Sounds like producing a Broadway show.

Producer #2:  Yeah.  (beat)  And you’re doing that again, aren’t you?

Producer #1:  (laughs)  I guess so.  Thanks.

Producer #2:  Sure.

Producer #1:  You know, marriage and producing have another thing in common.

Producer #2:  What’s that?

Producer #1:  They’re both expensive.

It took all my might to bite my tongue and not run up to these guys to try to option this scene!  But I didn’t. I just sat back and remembered that if you want a big reward, you gotta risk big . . . and you gotta be willing to work harder than you ever have in your life.

And if you don’t want to work hard, then do us all a favor, and do something else.


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  • Gayla says:

    This post makes me very happy. Not because of the whole get-married-again thing (God help me, I don’t think I care to do THAT again! But still, kudos to NYS..). But for some reason, the whole acknowledging-the-reality-of-hard-work thing is very encouraging. Thanks as always, Ken. Good timing for me!

  • Richard Seff says:

    Funny Story Ken — but you gotta take your own advice. “If you want a big reward, you’ve gotta risk big.” Which brings me back to SHINE! Big risk (not really — all audiences and critics have loved it so far), big reward. Just a thought……
    Happy Fourth. Richard .

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