Survey results revealed: What YOU really thought of the Tony Awards!

On Monday, I asked you to offer up your opinion about this year’s Tony Awards in a quick survey, and boy did you respond.  You’d think we were giving away an iPad–so many of you clicked to voice your thoughts on the 2011 telecast.

So what did you think?

Here are the results!

  • A whopping 97.51% of you watched the Tonys.  I assume the other 2.49% were in Antarctica.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, here’s how you rated the show:
    • 36.65% gave it a 10
    • 30.12% gave it a 9
    • 23.91% gave it an 8
    • 9.43% gave it a 7 or less
    • That’s a 90.57% 8+ rating
  • Comparing this year’s telecast to last year’s telecast:
    • 69.88% said it was much better
    • 25.16% said it was better
    • 2.80% said it was the same
    • 1.24% said it was worse
    • .93% said it was much worse
  • Your favorite part of the telecast was:
    • Production numbers – 37.58%
    • Opening number – 24.22%
    • The host – 21.43%
    • Finding out who wins – 4.04% (this was shockingly low, IMHO)
    • Acceptance speeches – 2.48%
    • Other – 10.25%
  • Your least favorite part of the telecast was . . .
    • The answers that popped up the most were “Spiderman’s number” and “Acceptance Speeches” (sorry, Mark Rylance)
  • Your favorite musical number was . . . (not what you think)
    • How to Succeed – 25.16%
    • Anything Goes – 24.84%
    • Book of Mormon – 22.67%
    • Catch Me If You Can – 10.56%
    • The Scottsboro Boys – 10.25%
    • Sister Act – 2.80%
    • Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – 2.48%
    • Spider-Man – 1.24%
  • We asked what you would suggest to the Tony Producers to make it a more exciting evening.  Here’s what came up the most:
    • “More production numbers.”
    • “More numbers.”
    • “Make sure that Neil Patrick Harris hosts every year.”
    • “More performances”
    • “Neil Patrick Harris!  Neil Patrick Harris!  Neil Patrick Harris!”
    • “More performances, or at least a montage of sorts.”
    • “All Neil Patrick Harris all the time.”
    • “Less talking, more musical numbers.”
    • “Lots of production numbers.”
    • “Get Neil Patrick Harris to host every year.”
    • (I think you get the drift)

Based on the above, a huge success, I’d say.  Big props go the Broadway League, the American Theater Wing, and the GM of the Tonys, Alan Wasser Associates, for raising the bar on our biggest night.

And thanks to all of 97.51% for watching and all 100% of you who shared your opinions in our survey!


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  • Sheldon Rudolph says:

    Yes, I like Neil P Harris too. Yes, I know he is gay. Yes, I’m gay, too. Does he have to blow it into everyone’s face how “out” he is; that theater people are gay, straight, bi, cathollic, jewish, protestant, conservative, liberal– et al. While I thought his opening number was well done (as well as his turn with Hugh Jackman) let it alone with the “sexuality” thing. It is just not funny anymore. And, more importantly, some people do not want “sexuality” thrown up in their faces. And New York theater including Broadway, need all the support it can get.

  • Robert says:

    Ken, Really terrific take on the Awards.

  • Adam says:

    For real dude? RE: Acceptance speeches. Of Course no one likes the acceptance speeches, they’re usually so typical. How do you say “(sorry Mark Rylance)?” He and Fracnis McDormand were brilliant in their speeches. The former choosing to use it for a theatrically engaging moment, in other words: doing his job. Did he rub you the wrong way or something man? I mean your Pick for Montello was logical in that the two plays (War Horse and Normal Heart) took almost everything else, but, why would you ever bet against arguably the best actor, nay the two best individual performances anyone under 50 has ever been lucky enough see by a living legend. We will likely not see another like him in our lifetimes.

  • janiska says:

    YEAH Sheldon Rudolph!!
    That is the best comment I’ve heard in years.
    No matter what type it is, I’m sick of people’s sexuality!! It’s so last century.

  • janiska says:

    Mr. Rudolph,
    On second thought, forcing one’s sexuality on others is not only last century, it’s last millenium.
    Grow up Braodway, that whole subject’s SO OVER.

  • Susan H says:

    There were very few awards given out (at least to actors) that truly took me by surprise and were not almost completely predictable. I think this might explain the lack of interest and enthusiasm for that aspect of the show in your survey. Only Nikki James and Mark Rylance’s awards got my excitement juices going.
    Partly that was related to other awards shows, and partly to the steam-roller impacts of “Book of Mormon” and “War Horse”, and the “political” impact of “Normal Heart”. Over all I thought it was a great, entertaining night and I loved watching it.

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