Fun on a Friday: when pop culture worlds collide

Now that the Anthony Weiner scandal has died down, there seem to be only two topics of water cooler conversation these days:  Book of Mormon and Harry Potter.

They seem so dissimilar, don’t they?

Not to Tessa Netting, former Billy Elliot Broadway cast member, who created a Harry Potter meets Book of Mormon meets the opening of The Brady Bunch YouTube mashup that is quickly making the rounds ’round Broadway.

Enjoy it, and thanks for the fun, Tessa.

Now if only there was an Anthony Weiner meets War Horse mashup.  (For the record, I have no idea what that even means.)





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  • Amyleigh1982 says:

    Holy Potter, Batman! This video made my morning – no coffee needed, Plus, it’s downloadable. Chalk up another win for direct youtube distribution. Youtube – Where Most of Your Entertainment Comes From (is that a good thing?).

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