Introducing my spinoff: The Producer’s Perspective – The Godspell Edition.

What do Happy Days, Cheers and Law & Order all have in common with this blog?

They’ve all produced a spin-off!

Last week, I revealed the results of my Producer’s Perspective survey about who you were and what you were interested in.  In the comments section of the survey, there was an outpouring of requests like these for a more insider perspective on producing:

  • “I want to know what a Producer does every day when putting together a Broadway show.”
  • “Can you give me more info on the day to day of what you do?  I still don’t know what  a Producer does besides raise money and go to Sardi’s.”
  • “I want to sit on your shoulder and see what you see.”

I racked my brain on how I could deliver what you wanted.  And then I thought, wait a minute, I’m lead producing a Broadway show this season.  And wait a minute, I’m exactly 100 days from my first preview.  And wait a minute, I could . . . BING-TO-THE-O!

So . . . you asked!  You got it!  (But dude who wants to sit on my shoulder, I am assuming you mean figuratively because a linebacker I am not.)

Today, I am proud to announce the debut of my second blog entitled:

DAY BY DAY – The Producer’s Perspective:  A day-by-day account of producing Godspell on Broadway.

Yesterday, we were exactly 100 days from our first preview on October 13th.  So, I started posting and will continue to post an entry a day as we countdown the 100 days to Godspell’s first preview on Broadway.

Each day I’ll blog about something that happened that I had to deal with.  Maybe it’ll be what was discussed at an ad meeting, how many people showed up at the open call, the first time I saw some costume sketches, etc.  There will be lots of pictures, video, and maybe even some guest blogs from some of the Godspell team along the way.

It’ll be like you’re e-sitting on my shoulder as we produce the first ever Broadway revival of Godspell.  Oh, and after a little research, we think this is the first time this has ever been done, so it keeps with my company’s mission statement of doing #$&@ that hasn’t been done.

To read Day By Day, click here.

And make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss even one of those days.  Unlike Law & Order, there won’t be repeats on TNT.

Thanks again for the survey-inspiration . . . and enjoy the spinoff!  I think it’ll be exactly what you are looking for.

Or at least it’ll be better than Joanie Loves Chachi.


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– 99 Days to Godspell!  Read the day-by-day account of producing Godspell on Broadway here.

– Seminars in Chicago, the weekend of July 9th.  Click here!

– Win 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana. Click here!

  • SweetP says:

    As one of the 300+ other Godspell producers, I am facinated by the process. Thanks!

  • Kitty Valentine says:

    Please tell me that “it’s better than Joanie Loves Chachi” is not an acceptable production standard.
    Thanks for this, really looking forward to the new daily. Cheers!

  • Shephard says:

    I can’t wait for Godspell, and I’d love to know what a Producer goes through to mount a show. I look forward to reading your daily process. 🙂

  • Suzana Ilievska says:

    This will be a great experience…here still the directors repertoire theatre rules the production…
    I envy you people…nah…living too far…
    next time pls make it possible world wide…:)

  • Sarahbeth Grossman says:

    Ken – you may be the first, but you are not alone. We are a bit further out til first performance of STICK FLY, but we already have a campaign in the works so our fans can become a FLY ON THE WALL and get the blog insider info all through the rehearsal and production process. I’ll let you all know when the sign ups begin.

  • Joe Laub says:

    Great reading your email today regarding “Godspell”. I just directed “Godspell, Jr.” for my drama group in April 2011 and directed the full version in 2004. I’m sure that your show will be a big success and I am going to try to bring our group to see “Godspell”. Have an awesome day!

  • Ken,
    As a producer I wanted to say I think this is a wonderful idea. I enjoy so much your comments and thoughts.

  • Laura Manske says:

    One hundred DAY-BY-DAY countdown is a heavenly idea, Ken!
    Will eat up every word!

  • Read your blog every day. Interesting stuff. How to be a producer? Personally, I don’t think you can do anything without understanding what you intend to do. Mistakes are necessary. Risk is necessary. Passion is necessary. No one can teach those things. You gotta have heart! Doesn’t take a lot of words, or books, or college: “Have faith in yourself, find a show you want to produce, and get off your ass and do it.” Never give up. Never give in. Stay focused. See it. Dream it. Want it, …and get it! –sjc

  • Dear Ken
    What a terrific idea!- It would make a great book and I would buy it for sure.
    It will give such insight into the process, like the workings of a great machine.
    We’ll find out what you do and where you go and who you talk to – and how you feel.
    You are so dynamic- we all want to keep up with you.
    And now we will be able to read your mind.
    How exciting!!!

  • Paul Mendenhall says:

    Great idea! Will be following it “religiously.”

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