Overheard at Angus Vol. X: How a title can change over time.

Ok, this “overheard” entry didn’t happen at Angus.  It happened in Massachusetts about a week ago, when my Mom took one of her grandkids, a second grader, to see a show at the local theater.  The show?  Annie Get Your Gun.

Here’s what happened:

My Mom:  Did you like the show?

Grandkid:  I really did, Grammy Pammy (My mom’s name is Pam, so . . . )

My Mom:  Oh Good.  I’m glad.

Grandkid:  I didn’t think I was going to like it at all.

My Mom:  Really?  Why not?

Grandkid:  Because I didn’t think it was going to be appropriate for kids my age.

My Mom:  How come?

Grandkid:  Grammy . . . it’s called Annie, Get Your Gun.  That doesn’t sound like something a kid should see.

Amazing, right?  First, that a 2nd grader would even know what the word “appropriate” means . . . and second, that a show that you and I know definitely qualifies as a family show, could be considered something completely different because of the time we live in and because the next generation didn’t grow up on it.

I told my Mom to take her grandkid to Little Shop of Horrors next.


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  • andrew says:

    Hmm, I wonder what the younger generation will make with “Godspell”!! I do recall that a number of my 60’s-baby friends had no idea what “Godspell” meant or the concept of “Good News.”

  • janiska says:

    Bernadette Peters in “Annie Get Your Gun” was the first Broadway show to make me cry outloud with huge real tears. Loved it.

  • The marketing director at Seattle Children’s Theatre said that “Getting Near to Baby” did not get the audience that all of their other shows do. Kids, especially boys, said they wouldn’t go see a show that had “baby” in the title.

  • karen soper says:

    Ken, thank God for Grammy Pammy, because I wouldn’t have even realized that show was “appropriate”. And considering Lorelai’s love of all things scary, she would jump at the chance to see Little Shop of Horrors! 🙂

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