Who won the tickets to The Illusion?

Congratulations to Barry Malawer, who is heading over the The Signature to see The Illusion!  Make sure you let us know what you think, Barry.

Barry chose himself as the next playwright to watch.  He saw an opportunity so he promoted himself.  You gotta take those opportunities online and offline.  It doesn't matter who you have as an agent, manager, or lawyer, no one is gonna sell yourself better than you sell yourself.

Enjoy the show, Barry . . . and another giveaway tomorrow. 


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  • Hugh Murphy says:

    Hi Ken,
    I recently emailed you a my stage play One Big Onion, this is a true story of corruption at Belfast Docks and is an Irish On The Waterfront. As proof that this is a true story See http://www.justicefordockers.com I am also Sackedbymyunion on Twitter and trying hard to expose the Union’s corruption and the cover up by the media. Either, they’ve all been bought off or the don’t want to expose the Union – which was once great – as employers Lackeys.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Hugh Murphy

  • Hi Ken! Happy 4th! Just had to jump on here and post that I was thrilled to see that the winner of last week’s giveaway was Barry Malawer! He is indeed the next up-and-coming playwright. Boz and the Bard and I are fast new fans and are excited at the prospect of working with Barry. Congratulations, Barry, and Ken, this contest idea is great. One day I might even participate (hey, that rhymes – musical??).

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