Who won the tix to Hair on Broadway?

If anyone was wondering if there were strong feelings about nudity in theater, check out the over 135 (!) comments from this week's contest.

You guys take your nakedness seriously.

The nudie-patootie commenter that is taking home the Hair tickets is . . . Connie Carpenter!

Congrats, Connie. Email me to get your tix.

And yes, there is a dress code at the theater.

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  • Ricky Dunlop says:

    Which celebrity actor do I want to see write?
    I would love to see Angelina Jolie write and I’ll tell you why. Many people just see her as a MILF who does action thrillers. What many people forget, is that she is an Oscar winning and multi-Golden Globe winning actress who has also picked up some humanitarian awards. Besides that, she had an extremely tumultuous childhood that was extremely traumatic for her. She has a lot of inspiration to draw from that people don’t realize.
    I think her writing would shock the world.

  • Ellie says:

    I would love to see Tina Fey write a play. It would be hilarious and also “Fey” rhymes with “play”. Any SNL writer (past or present) could bring some interesting work to the stage.

  • Ilya Khodosh says:

    Paul Giamatti can do no wrong as an actor, but he is also articulate and keenly intelligent enough in interviews to seem like he would be a sophisticated and entertaining playwright. Anyway, that’s something I’d definitely see.

  • John Malkovich. I’d like to see the stage construction of his mind.
    Laura Linney. Same reason.

  • EllenFD says:

    I’d like to see Nathan Lane write a play. He’s so witty on his feet extemporaneously, I can just imagine the great dialogue he’d come up with if he settled down in front of a keyboard. He could give the domestic comedy genre a new twist now that same-sex marriage has been legalized in new York.

  • Anne Cahalane says:

    Joe Morton….he is so riveting and compelling as an actor. I think he would have a good story to tell too…

  • Andrew Storm says:


  • Robin F says:

    Kristen Wiig. She just wrote and starred in Bridesmaids, showing that she has chops to create a success. I am really interested to see what she would write/bring to the table for a live medium that had to be repeated night after night.

  • San D says:

    Frank Langella. He seems articulate, thoughtful and choses his roles wisely.

  • Mad Cow says:

    I am an EX actress turned writer/producer and I LOVE it. My next OB show I am producing I also authored. 🙂 I am DEF all for this project! I would say… TINA FEY as well. She is funny, witty, edgy, raw and talented. YOU GO TINA! ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD you GO MAD COW!! lol. 😉

  • Giovanni Ribisi! I would love to see, scratch that, perform in a play written by him! There is magic in that man. I see twisted, impish, playful, fear, danger, and good times in his eyes/face. Gives me chills to think of what he’d come up with…

  • Jordan Levine says:

    A Christopher Walken play could be a lot of fun. He’s played a lot of characters over the years and brought a nuanced, intelligent approach that could really churn out a very fun (or thriling/dramatic/hilarious) script…as long as there’s a cowbell reference.

  • Lana Matrai says:

    I would like to see Scott Baio write a play. He was my favorite actor in “Happy Days.”

  • Joe Laub says:

    I would like to see Charlie Sheen write a play. It could be called “My Life In Ruin”. Thanks for letting me comment, Ken.

  • Auntief says:

    John Malkovich(Spelling? You get the idea!) It could be about how his looks have gotten him some weird and juicy roles!

  • Gail Lou says:

    I’d love Bernadette Peters to write a play. She’s a words-smith, she gets the most emotion out of every lyric and line.

  • Michael says:

    When I did a reading of one of my plays, Mary Testa improvoised a line so hilarious I put it right into the script. I’d love to see her write a whole play.

  • Dann Fink says:

    Christopher Walken. Because I can’t begin to imagine it.

  • Clare Solly says:

    I’d love to see Alec Baldwin write a play. I think that he is an actor who has not only been through a lot, but that he has a distinct view on the world and life. His discresions aside, he has a flare for the comedic and the quirky characters, as well as the gritty ones. I think he would do a great job putting characters on paper.

  • Kaylie Stansfield says:

    Marlee Matlin. For a different perspective.

  • Susan C says:

    I think John Travolta should write a play. His career has included just about every genre of film (many wonderful, some total duds) and his personal life has certainly contained experiences from which he could draw meaningful material. It should be
    an interesting piece (as long as we don’t get any religious indoctrination…)

  • Richard Reynolds says:

    Marian Seldes.
    She has such a wonderfully theatrical regalness that I’m sure would transfer to the page, then stage. And if it were about the theatre, it would be ripe with majesty and magic.

  • gj cabana says:

    Broadway needs more female characters AND Latin culture comedies AND playwrights, so I nominate Rosie Perez. That woman THINKS funny, her writing would be hysterical!

  • judith Caporale says:

    Hugh Laurie has written many things, how about a play. I would be interested to see which aspect of his mind he would use – comedian, musician, dark, giddy. Perhaps a musical. or perhaps a simple two person play.

  • Noah B says:

    Kristen Wig… i feel like because she’s already on SNL, she could write a hillarious play and star in it too.

  • Gaby Gold says:

    My vote is for Betty White. With her years of experience and timing, she’d kill it. She’s also very au courant and her name would bring in the folk.

  • Katherine says:

    Sam Waterston. He is such a fascinating blend of wise calm & firey passion.

  • Ari says:

    Amy Poehler!
    I wasn’t too surprised about Zach Braff writng a play. After all, he’s spent time doing theatre pre- and post-Scrubs, and he did write and direct Garden State.

  • Ray says:

    It’s already been stated, but I second and third it: Tina Fey. Only I’ll do you one better (or just louder): make it a musical and have her husband Jeff write the score.

  • ECP says:

    Lisa Kudrow. She’s nails it so thrillingly in bursts, performing on big screen and small (even smaller, the web) that I’d love to see her timing, humor, and intellect shaped into into a play.

  • Amanda S. says:

    Great answer!

  • Amanda S. says:

    Robert Downey Jr. Anyone who’s ever read an interview with him knows he’s completely bizarre and seems to have his own language. Would love to see what kind of crazy play he’d write. It wouldn’t have to be autobiographical (although he’s obviously led an interesting enough life), but if there’s a part for a young RDJ, we have to get Kieran Culkin to play him. In fact, this sounds like a great play for Second Stage to do!

  • terry h says:

    Russell Brand. I have not read his books but his interviews and essays are witty and intelligent which sort of surprised me given his dopy movie roles in Arthur and Get Him To The Greek and how out-of-control he seems when hosting award shows. He seems very well read and his take on life so quirky that I’d love to see what he’d come up with for the stage.

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