Who won Will It Recoup? Contest and Kindle Winner Announced!

Seems like just yesterday we were all freezing our spotlights off and picking the shows we thought would make money in this year’s Will It Recoup!  (If you aren’t familiar with our game, click here for the original post).

While the accounting statements may not be finalized yet, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there were three shows out of the ten in the field that recouped:

That Championship Season
Ghetto Klown
The Mother with the Hat

So first, a big congrats to Broadway for the 30% success rate.  Not so bad, in this era of rising costs, wouldn’t you say?

And a second congrats to reader Nick Coltone who scored a 100% in this year’s contest!  Nick, you gotta start investing and producing shows because you’ve got an eye for the ones that work.  Just imagine what you could have done if you had some real skin in the game. 🙂

Nick, drop me an email, and we’ll drop you a Kindle in the mail.

And the rest of you, there’s always next year.  Or maybe even this fall.  We’re thinking about rolling out a fall version of Will It Recoup. What do you think?

But before we do that, back to the 30% success rate, which is pretty consistent with what the industry says is the average number of shows that recoup per year.

That’s actually pretty decent in a high risk industry in my opinion.

But that’s not what gets me excited.

If 30% is the average, then doesn’t it make sense that with education, research and market analysis, an individual should be able to do better than that?  Doesn’t that mean that you should be able to pick winners 40% of the time?  50%?  Or even more?

I’d bet yes.


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  • I didn’t play, but I woulda lost– Ken, did you ever mention your picks? Could you?
    And even if you can’t– any chance you could do a post– or let the winner do a post– on why you think these shows recouped, and why you think some of the others didn’t attract enough of an audience to succeed financially?

  • Ghetto Klown was a good bet. Very low overhead on that one. Mother F**ker with the Hat had a great title and a star name. But That championship Season?! Completely surprised by that one! Who was going to see it and why? Was it a cumulative effect of having so many recognizable film and TV actors in one show? Was it the subject matter that attracted the men and the male celebs that attracted the women? If it weren’t for That Championship Season I coulda been a contender. AND YES DO IT AGAIN THIS FALL! I love games!!

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