House Seat Coordinator/Second Assistant to the President- Jujamcyn Theaters

WHO: Jujamcyn Theaters

SEEKING: House Seat Coordinator and Second Assistant to the President

RESPONSIBILITIES: Key Responsibilities include: Manage house seat requests for all shows in Jujamcyn houses, Provide administrative support for the President, Provide administrative support for the Executive Department, Strive to achieve excellence and enlightened hospitality within Jujamcyn’s culture and mission statement.

REQUIREMENTS: Excellent Communication skills (verbal/oral/written), Excellent ability to assess and prioritize, Excellent organizational skills, Knowledge of current Broadway theaters, shows, and key industry members, Knowledge of general Broadway theater history, Clear penmanship. Must be proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook. Be able to support multiple phone lines and have strong administrative support skills

WHEN: 9/19/2011


HOW TO APPLY: Submit a cover letter and resume via email to