Fun on a Friday: Our biggest marketing hurdle

As you’ll see below, a 7 year old has discovered the source of all of our marketing problems in the theater.


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  • Betzy says:

    You’re funny on a Friday!

  • Carl says:

    Ken, when Date of a Lifetime was in your reading series, everyone in the audience had positive comments or suggestions. Everyone except, very notably, the first man to comment. Much to much horror, he opened the feedback section by saying, “I hated the speed-dating concept.” I had wanted to respond to him with the punch line of a old joke, but stopped myself because I thought it better to take the high road.
    The response I wanted to give was, “but other than that, how’d you like the show Mrs. Lincoln?”

  • Ken,
    I just saw that the Broadway shows reversed themselves and decided to cancel their shows this weekend, due to the hurricane.
    This is a wise decision not to infuriate people paying ~$100/ticket who want to see the shows but can’t get to them this weekend.
    Still, my question is: Will the theater owners pro-rate the rental fees the shows have to pay, based on the number of performances this week (only charging them for the shows that were not canceled)?
    Or, to bring it home directly: In other words, if Godspell was already running, how would it be affected this weekend?

  • Noah B. says:

    We need to destroy the myth that if you buy expensive box seats you will get shot in the back of the head!

  • Bryan David says:

    I’d say, “Stick to Hamlet. It has a much better ending.” One Playwright & Lyricist’s opinion

  • Kim says:

    That’s sad!! 🙁 who is brainwashing this kid?

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