The Sunday Giveaway: 1 Free Admission to Digital Marketing Boot Camp ($795 value!)

One of the most common questions I get from consultation clients, at my Get Your Show Off The Ground seminars, and in cold emails is, “How can I jump start my internet marketing?”

I usually point the asker to this blog I wrote about the subject, and then I encourage him or her or them to study as much on the subject as possible.  Because, believe it or not, we’re just at the beginning of the digital marketing revolution.  If you’ve been amazed at what we’ve done to date, wait until tomorrow.

So where do you go to get more education on social media, direct-response email blasts, and SEO?  How about the first ever Digital Marketing Boot Camp for Arts Marketers?

This cool new camp is brought to you by Capacity Interactive, a digital marketing agency that serves clients like Carnegie Hall, Alvin Ailey, and Roundabout Theatre Company.  It’s a two-day conference designed “to teach and explore digital marketing tools, tips, and best practices.”  They also promise that “each session will conclude with a top 10 list of usable tips and takeaways.”  You can read more about it here.

The camp costs $795 for the early birds and $925 for late arrivals . . . but one lucky PP reader will be going for free!  This could be the most valuable Sunday Giveaway ever.

Here’s how you win:

Because there is such an educational component to this week’s giveaway, we’re going to treat the Boot Camp like a college.  To get in with a full-boat scholarship, comment below in 50 words or less why you need this digital marketing boot camp.  (Email subscribers, click here).

I’ll pick a deserving winner from the list.

Good luck!


(Got a comment?  I love ’em, so comment below!  Email subscribers, click here, then scroll down, to say what’s on your mind!)



– 60 Days to Godspell!  Read the day-by-day account of producing Godspell on Broadway here.

– See DTE Director of Online Marketing, Steven Tartick, talk about social media marketing for Broadway shows (including what we’re doing on Godspell) at the Apple Store on 5th Ave tomorrow, Monday, August 15th at 7PM.  Click here for deets.

  • Sending me to Bootcamp means you’re giving the entire state of Utah’s theatre community a workout in social marketing. Eighteen months ago, frustrated with our theatre’s online and social presence I started a website. 50 reviewers, 300 productions, and 75 thousand visitors later we’re helping unite and elevate our community’s knowledge of how to get their shows off the ground like never before. Send me! (I’ve got a sis in Washington Heights I can crash with)

  • says:

    In college, I majored in communications & theatre; seven years later I’ve discovered exciting others about theater through the internet is my dream job. I never took a business class. I’m eager to start my own business but need to learn more to do this – without breaking my bank account!

  • Kevin Clark says:

    I’m a composer whose day job has grown from grantwriting to concert production to digital marketing strategy. I work in the non-profit arts world, and we’re as usual way behind contemporary technology and techniques. Sending me will have benefits throughout the new music field, and hopefully for your comment threads.

  • In 50 words or less starting … NOW: I am a solopreneur running two businesses: one as a certified life coach and one as a musical theater actress. I see each one as a separate but interrelated business of spreading joy. My online marketing efforts are consistent and moderately successful yet I’m ready to learn more.

  • I am producing my own musical out of my own pocket. Over the years I have created lots of great products, musicals, ballets, operas, a children’s book, and even body jewelry called The ManEater. But never learned how to sell them. “Help me, Ken Davenport. You’re my only hope”

  • Bryan David says:

    I’ve written plays on a manual typewriter/an electric (correction ribbon!) on a PC w/Word (Spell Check?) Edit without retyping the whole thing & Cut & Paste?) Electronic media, what’s next Electronic Marketing? Next thing I’ll be able to market to anyone anywhere; if I only new how.

  • I have started a new musical theatre production company in New York City, MUSICALLY HUMAN THEATRE PRODUCTIONS that produces bold, innovative theatre about the human condition. I would be forever grateful to be given the opportunity attend this Boot Camp as I continue my journey as a young theatrical producer & director. I am a firm believer that the way of the world is digital and to be able to learn from the best in it’s field about digital marketing would be an invaluable experience that will equip myself with the tools to be able to successfully cultivate theatre audiences.

  • Andrew Joy says:

    I’m working on my undergrad in acting with plans on getting a MFA in Production Management. I am building my resume to get into grad school. I am currently producing a musical at BYU and in the beginning stages of creating and planning the first ever Utah Valley Theatre Festival.

  • Justin says:

    Young audiences have grown up on computers. The best way to get youth audiences to continually support theatre will be using the resources of the digital age. This workshop is what I need to take full advantage of the Internet, and whatever else technology can offer us.

  • I’m the marketing director at a regional theater in Vermont with high art; our lack of media outlets means I need more practical digital solutions. We don’t have the money for the conference. Plus I’m in my 50s and didn’t grow up with this stuff, so I need help! Help!

  • John Olson says:

    Social media is important to me as a producer because it’s where audiences spend so much of their time and it’s a very cost-efficient way to reach the theater- going universe.

  • Gaby says:

    I spent the day playing on Wix, attempting to set up my website for my creative life (writing, singing, producing, acting and being fab all around). I hit a few roadblocks – because I sure am a novice – and would be so grateful for the chance to learn to become a digital marketing whiz! I’d spread the info with my illustrious, yet marketing-challanged buddies! Nice of you to do this, Ken Davenport!

  • I need this bootcamp because as a producer I don’t know the questions to ask about digital marketing. I’m close but not close enough.

  • I’m a mid career performing arts/arts administration professional with minimal knowledge of digital marketing. It’s imperative for my nonprofit and for profit entities that I acquire the knowledge to transform the work I do so that both are considered “a complete package” in order to have a competitive edge.

  • A.J. MacQuarrie says:

    I’m 23 years old and produced six plays in Boston. None of them have been profitable but I’ve learned valuable lessons, so they were all worth it. Ken, send me to this event so I can digitally (and cleverly) market my shows and one day be a producer like you!

  • Emily says:

    I’m young and fresh with the internet and websites-but really need help with executing to the target audience. In order for me to proceed in this marketing field-I should need to learn how to create a fully functional website and advertise on the internet.

  • dva says:

    I am a new producer, have been to your seminars/readings (CTI and TRU’s). I read your blogs and take note of all of your marketing tools. I want to be the best & learning as much as I can is critical to that goal. (45 words)
    As you have said many times, you have to be ahead of the game– this seminar would help me get there-
    Thank you. ( over the entry word count, but important)

  • Doug Braverman says:

    Hi Ken,
    I’m still working to get my show off the ground, and could use a good swift kick from the boot camp to learn more about digital marketing, which I’m sure will play an integral part in all future productions. (in only 45 words!)

  • Russell says:

    I would like to win the free ride to Ken’s Internet Marketing Bootcamp seminar because in my show, the internet is more than just a marketing opportunity. I’m writing it into the show. The more I know about internet marketing, the more successful I will be…and the more you all will have the chance to try my ideas out on your own works.

  • Tyrone Brown says:

    I need the “boot camp” for three reasons:
    1. Re-founding an African American theatre in Seattle called Brownbox Theatre
    2. Currently working on marketing section of the company’s business plan
    3. To understand the role digital marketing revolution plays in reaching minority audiences

  • Mary Riley says:

    As a new company owner ( and the the one who will do the majority of the work (100% to be exact) it is my job to be on the up and up in regards to digital media. Any opportunity in which to expand my knowledge in this field would be very much appreciated. And of course, I’d throw in cross promotion on my site of your blog Mr. Davenport and the new revival of Godspell!
    Mary Riley
    Producing Artistic Director
    Mercia Entertainment

  • I signed up a subscriber to this blog because I went to hear a young producer, Ken Davenport, speak about social networking at a League breakfast. I was blown away.
    I’m clear that business today depends on internet marketing. There are one or two theater projects I’d love to get involved with. I know I’ll need to understand Internet marketing on a very sophisticated level to 1. capitalize a project and then sell the show. I’ll need to know how to measure the effectiveness of the PR firm, etc. I hire in terms of internet marketing.

  • I read this while taking a break from editing my web series ( and I heard angels singing. As a one-man-band producer for this project, this opportunity is what I need to learn how to successfully get the word out and make my first web series a smash hit. 50.

  • Tim Shane says:

    LOCATION: I’m from the Midwest and the regional theaters need this.
    RESOURCES: I teach, was last marketing chair of the Dallas Theater League, founded DFW Fringe, Dallas Hub Theater, host DFW Playwright’s Alliance and CyberFest.
    I’m CHief Executive Artistic Producer (CHEAP) =not coming unless I win

  • Art matters.
    As a Dallas based independent arts journalist, advocate, respected blogger and NEA/Annenberg theatre criticism fellow ( in a creative regional milieu with a wide range of performance production entities, I relish the chance to benefit the organizations I cover with what I learn attending your arts marketing boot-camp.

  • Reaching the most people possible is key to getting a show known about and up. I have the show, but I’m not as computer savvy as I should be. This bootcamp would be incredibly helpful for teaching me to market my show better and letting the world know about it.

  • Jordan Levine says:

    I’m a young producer. I’m hungry to learn, experiment, and grow. I need to go to this. Please send me Mr. Davenport.

  • Ryan says:

    I’m transitioning from acting into theatrical marketing. Since graduating from UMich, I’ve worked on the national tour circuit and started my own web-design business. I have interviews for internships at Allied, AKA, and SpotCo this fall and this could be invaluable for me. Help me bring my A-game!

  • Jon Kakaley says:

    I’m producing my very first show which opens this January at Atlantic Stage 2. $8,000 will be spent on internet marketing. This opportunity would mean the world to not only me, but to my cast and crew. I want to give them an audience to succeed in front of.

  • Keni says:

    While scouting for theaters in upstate NY, I went bowling with some local folks, and fell asleep. Twenty years ago. Just woke up, have great shows to market! Yet, something’s different – this internet thingy… would love to be back on top of things!
    Fitfully Yours, RIP V.W.

  • ken marion says:

    I am often described as corny in my pitch. I have a fabulous project that will appeal to a broad cross section but my approach may be a bit old fashioned. Obviously, I am a recipient of digital communications, I need the bootcamp to become a power user.

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    It is in my best interest to be awarded this scholarship for a very simple reason: I am the social media assistant for Signature Theatre Company, and desperate to do whatever it takes to retain my position, which lies in the further enhancement and ingenuity of Signature’s social media presence.

  • Bert says:

    Just like Cinderella and her wistful wish to go to the Ball, I sit in my own little corner (in my own little chair) hoping and dreaming for admission to Digital Marketing Boot Camp. While I’m not searching for a Prince,
    I’d like everyone to see me in a pretty dress.

  • Jesse says:

    As the Artistic Director of The Broadway Boys, my goal is to expose a new generation of music listeners to the great musical theater catalogue. The best way to reach the young’ns? Using all of this new fangled technology. Let’s fill theater audiences with generation x’ers!

  • I recently released my first single on iTunes called “I’m a Nerd.” I would like to use digital marketing to promote my song, make my music video a viral success, and get it sung on Glee! I KNOW this Boot Camp would help me do exactly that!

  • Frank-Thomas Grogan says:

    I’m constantly looking for new ways to integrate the live stage, with the new aesthetic that the media wave has clouded over our modern audience. I’m ready to change the way we as artist spread our ideas and excel not just mine but my peers art to the next level.

  • Nic D. says:

    With my background in Digital Marketing from internships at Transport Group Theater Company, NBC iVillage, here! TV, and Bravo TV, I feel I would benefit greatly from this boot camp to learn as much as I can about digital marketing. Running the media outlets for Transport Group’s Drama Desk award winning production “See Rock City & Other Destinations” was what started my career in digital marketing and I would only be blessed to see, gain, and learn more from your boot camp.

  • ALi says:

    Between working on marketing/producing the Transport Group’s next season (including their Broadway debut of “Lysistrata Jones,”, being resident producer of experimental-classical company, American Centaur (, and spearheading the creation and development of Artist Unknown (, I am a busy bee!
    I am so excited to learn how to creatively and effectively market these very different projects to their respective audiences, while contributing to the growth, development, and bond of the theatre community nationwide, an issue which is very important to me. This workshop will provide me with invaluable knowledge and practical skills towards achieving those goals by teaching me how to make the most of digital media, the future of marketing! I would really like that.

  • KMM says:

    As a voice teacher/producer of creative projects/actor, I spend the better part of my day using technology and a fresh perspective to make my mark and do things in a different, new, and refreshing way. I’m on the brink and this bootcamp could help me take the next step.

  • John Shorter says:

    Age only matters, if you let it matter. I started my prop rental company at age 57, three years ago. Yes. I’m 60, damn that is old for a guy to create a startup company. However, I have over 500 contacts on Linkedin and over 200 on Facebook. My new website is being built now. My old one sucked! I want to learn more about how to use social media to grow my business. Old people kick ass! Give me a trip to the bootcamp.

  • WC says:

    Devoted reader of your blog
    In need of
    Good advice, great ideas
    In order to get back to first love –
    After many pulls and sways, what can I say?
    Love is hard, love is sweet; please help me make my life complete.

  • New BFA says:

    It will help make me a much more useful intern at my brand new job in the production office at CenterStage in Baltimore.

  • Max says:

    In the past few years digital and social media have had a huge impact on how we reach, interact and engage with audiences. The opportunity to hear from professionals and how they are leveraging and using these tools is invaluable as the tools, landscape and best practices is often changing.

  • I earned my undergraduate degree in graphic design and have used those skills for designing eye catching websites and other promotional materials  for the shows I’ve written.  I’ve done email blasts and have a strong web presence but am excited to learn what other tools I can use to better market myself and my shows.

  • Da Ping Luo says:

    I’ve just gained 20lbs of responsibilities, and this boot camp will get me back into shape. I’m sure that there’s a lot our organization ( isn’t doing, that we should, that we don’t know about. I majored in–of all things–oboe performance, I have no formal background in marketing, but this has become a new passion of mine.

  • Bootstrapping “M.O.I.S.T.!” out-of-pocket for five years, it was selected to be performed at the 2011 National Black Theatre Festival this August, where we were seen and invited by the Negro Ensemble Company to open their 2012-2013 Off-Broadway season. I want maximize every opportunity for success!

  • I’ll come work for you.

  • GG says:

    As someone who is social media phobic (I may be the only person alive not on Facebook) and the Artistic Director of a semi-dormant nonprofit theatre company we’d like to revive, I need this seminar to leapfrog me into the 21st Century.

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