Entertainment Project Researcher- CastingAbout

WHO: CastingAbout

SEEKING: Entertainment Project Researcher

RESPONSIBILITIES: Pursuing and verifying project information through direct communication with casting and production offices; Coordinating and cross-checking data with other Breakdown divisions and researchers; Reviewing and confirming leads from trade magazines, journals and other sources, both printed and online; Maintaining and updating our proprietary database of casting and production information on a daily basis; Writing original content for the site (e.g. project log lines, public notes, memos to members, etc.); Posting information updates to social networking sites; Fielding inquiries about the service from casting directors, talent reps and other industry pros; Assisting with CastingAbout marketing activities, including trade shows, community outreach and partnership promotions. This position will work closely with senior personnel in an environment that rewards self-motivation, attention to detail and creative thinking.

REQUIREMENTS: Qualified candidates will have at least one year of data management experience. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills are a must. Computer, internet and web browser proficiency required; database experience a plus. Candidates with experience in the entertainment industry preferred. 

WHEN: 10/3/2011

PAY: $12.00 per hour. Medical and dental benefits available 90 days after the first day of employment.

HOW TO APPLY: If qualified, please send a cover letter and resume to GonnaBeHuge@castingabout.com