Open-source producing.

Last Saturday, I wrote a Godspell blog about the email address we created for my Godspell investors that allows them to submit their ideas about all things related to the production (you can read the blog here).  Since the emails go directly to my inbox, my investors can have an immediate impact on the production.

After I hit publish, I realized that what I was talking/writing/blogging about was an example of the method of business development and production known as “open-source” . . . and I’m a huge advocate.

By allowing your most passionate users . . . who might even be smarter than you . . . to contribute to your product/production/life, you have the potential of creating a more successful product/production/life . . . at less cost to the consumer.

Just ask Wikipedia, OpenOffice,org, etc.

Of course, to make sure it’s successful, you have to have a proper procedure for screening and implementation.  Otherwise, you’ll just get a mess.

But there is no reason that every show/theater/artist shouldn’t have an online suggestion box, or some way that your audience can propose adjustments to what you do to help make it better.

And if this idea doesn’t interest you, you may want to adjust your ego just a bit.


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  • Hugh Murphy says:

    As it seems One Big Onion [an Irish On The Waterfront] is not to your liking, how about taking a look at The Grandeur of Delusions, This is a two hander and shows Terry, an alcoholic talking to a figment of his imagination, Girl.
    This is a funny and serious play about addiction and its causes how it’s dealt with my conflicting professionals, ie – shrinks.
    Hugh Murphy

  • Bryan David says:

    Hey where’s:
    “Whitechapel” ©
    The Life & Times
    ‘Jack The Ripper’
    A Musical Love Story! ™
    Or not Yet? Mr. Davenport if you please…

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