The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Sister Act on Broadway!

There are several theatrical axioms that everyone working in our biz must learn:

-Never whistle backstage.

-Never say the name of the Scottish Play in the theater.

-Nuns are always funny.

If you want an example of that last postulate, then you should head up to the Broadway Theatre to see Sister Act on Broadway.  

What – What?  You don't have tickets?

Well I do, and I'm giving away two!

Here's how to win:

Since nuns are always funny, we're going to nun-up other shows.

Pick a show.  Replace one with "Nun" or "Nuns" and comment your new Nun-infused title below.

For example.  Phantom of the Opera, would become, Phantom of the Nun.  Or Flower Drum Song would become Flower Nun Song.

Make sense?  Comment below (email subscribers click here) and I'll pick my favorite next week and that nun-lover will win the tickets!

Good luck! 


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