What we can learn from “Jersey Shore”.

Yep, believe it or not, there is something to be gained from those guidos and guidettes that have four-ways in tequila-filled jacuzzis.

I watched a few minutes of the super-successful show on my descent into LAX last week.  I was horrified, of course, but I was a teensy bit hooked.  Why?

It’s not the stories, it’s not the scenery . . . it’s the Snooki.

Interesting and unique characters are at the core of all successful “shows”, televised or not.  Obviously, you need to avoid spray-tanned caricatures, but at the same time you need to remember why you can’t stop watching shows like this, or movies like The Godfather or plays like Hamlet . . .

These are fascinating people that you don’t meet on every street corner.

So when I sit down and write nowadays and find myself stuck in a boring scene, I repeat this little mantra . . .

You wanna ’em hooked?  You gotta give ’em just a bit of Snook.



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  • Doug Hicton says:

    The thing I’ve learned from Jersey Shore is that I’m sure glad I’m not from New Jersey.

  • I totally agree! (about great characters… totally frightened of the tan one.) So, any aspiring writers out there, here is a fantastic writing class at NYU about that very subject:
    Lori Fischer, the teacher, is a published playwright, screenwriter, author, actor, musician, you-name-it and is the absolutely warmest and most encouraging writing teacher out there. I have learned so much from her. big fan, big fan.
    Hope to see some of you in class this fall!? Ken?

  • Mary says:

    Jersey Shore is about young people living their lives out loud. Being passionate about each other DAncing and laughing and being happy in their own skin. I grew up in the upper working class version of Jersey Shore in IL. People want to see anyone who feels free to be Italian and loud and in love and passionate. When you think about writing a show remember what these characters do that makes the the highest rated show in cable history. It’s not ironic, it’s not aspirational, it’s now and it’s in real time. I love this show because it’s about time we stopped just showing the chardonnay drinking, slightly ironic overeducated group. There are other people out there. Talk to Jeff Fox, he’s being laughing all the way to the Redneck bank.

  • d.p. quinn says:

    There are no redeeming qualities in JS–just stupidity on parade In Italy (especially stupid) let alone cosmopolitan NJ !!!
    And they’re being PAID for this crap.

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