Who won the tix to Sister Act?

Holy Nuns, batman!

We had a new comment record for last week's contest with 240+ entries!!!  Wowza!

In case you missed it, the challenge was to rename a musical replacing one of the words with Nun (ex.  West Side Nun).

And, half of NYC thinks I'm a nut job, because I would read these things while walking around town, and just start laughing my nun off at some of the suggestions.

Some of my favorites:

No, No, Nun-ette

Sunday in the Park with Nuns

Little Shop of Nuns

Hysterical, right?

But what was the nunniest . . . I mean the funniest nun . . . I mean the funniest one?  (It's addictive)

My pick and the winner of the two tickets to Sister Act on Broadway is . . .

. . . Annie Get Your Nun submitted by Anthony!  (It was submitted by Nancy C., but Anthony beat you to it.)

Congratulations Anthony!  (Email me for your tix)  And thanks to the 240+ of you that entered.  This was a nun one.  I mean, a fun nun.  Dang it!  A FUN ONE.  

If you've got a second . . . yes even if you're at work . . . read some of these suckers.  Hysterical.

Click here.

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  • Trevor Nunn says:

    A few more.
    Nuns Upon a Mattress.
    Little Mary Nun-shine.
    And if you’re doing plays –
    Nun flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

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