New Seminar: Tune Up Your Marketing Materials

If I were a statistics guy (wait a minute, I am), I’d say that 75% of the questions I get in email form and at my ‘Get Your Show Off The Ground’ seminars are marketing related.

Specifically, I get a lot of questions about logos, tag lines, and blurbs (insert “Oh My!” here).

Because so many of you seem to be having similar issues and concerns about how to make sure you have materials for your shows that will sell the most tickets, I’ve designed a seminar specifically for you.

It’s called “Tune Up Your Marketing Materials”, and, well, it’s like a Jiffy Lube for logos and blurbs.  Ten people and ten people only will participate in each seminar.  Each participant will present me with their materials, and I’ll analyze them on the spot and discuss what I would change to help you sell more tickets.

Because this is a brand new seminar, I’m pricing it at a very special introductory rate, so check it out and reserve today.  It’s risk free, because I guarantee that I’ll help you sell more tickets.  Yep, if after the seminar, you don’t think my advice will improve your results, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Here are the details for the first Tune Up seminar:

Saturday, October 29th

1 – 4 PM
Cost $199  $99

Get your seat today.  Click here.


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  • Emily Balawejder says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I work for a large non-profit performing arts center and this would be amazing feedback on our touring Broadway subscription campaign and other similar high level print marketing materials. Any chance you’d consider doing a road marketing-tailored seminar like this on the weekend before or after the league conference in May 2012? I know we’d jump at the opportunity and gladly combine purpose for the trip to New York, and I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who would take part.

  • Lorenzo says:

    Is this the same as the “how to market with no money” seminar?

  • Paul seguin says:

    I want to see this show so much it hurts but am on government disability pension and cannot afford to travel, 7 chronic illnesses, worried that there wont be a soundtrack cd, have no ipod or i anything, on a library computer, read these blogs and get more depressed on my life and all i am missing out on

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