The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

That’s right, boys and girls, and boys who dress like girls, and girls who dress like boys, and everything in between, we’ve got two tickets to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical on Broadway this week.

So if you haven’t seen the show, this is your chance.

Here’s how to win.

As I’m sure you know, Priscilla is the story of three drag performers from Australia who make a trek into the outback (and I’m not talking about the steakhouse) . . . and then hilarity ensues.

In this week’s giveaway, we’re going to play the musical version of “Make Up Your Drag Name”, but instead of taking the name of the street you grew up on and adding it to your middle name, I want you to take the name of a musical, and add it to the name of a character in that musical.

Make sense?

For example, “West Side Anita” or “Les Cosette”.

Get it?  Funniest one wins.  Comment below or emailers click here.

Drag away!


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