The Sunday Giveaway: 2 Tickets to The Blue Flower at Second Stage.

There’s been a lot of talk about The Blue Flower, which was birthed in Diane Paulus’s backyard at A.R.T. in Cambridge and now has made its way to the city to Second Stage, with a killer cast including Sebastian Arcelus, Marc Kudisch, Graham Rowat and Teal Wicks.

And we’ve got two tickets to give away!

Here’s how we’re going to do it.  If you noticed, I didn’t tell you what The Blue Flower is about.  Because I want you to tell me.

In the comment section below (email subscribers click here), tell me what you think the show is about based only on the title (because that is so often the only piece of info people see in a listing, or hear from their friend, etc.)  I’ll pick a winner randomly.



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  • Emily says:

    The Blue flower is about the relationships between 4 friends, one is a scientist and the other three are artists. Each of them creating a world of art as against the turbulence of the world wars.

  • The Blue Flower is a symbol of Love, Desire and Inspiration often used in German literature. My mother was German and introduced me to that concept when I was little, hence my favorite flowers have always been the Iris!

  • Morgan says:

    Well, I know the show is about a German artist so I therefore would have to assume that he is a tragic romantic poet because the blue flower in the context of German art was used by German Romanticists in the 18th and 19th Centuries. But I also think the show is set in New York so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it probably has to do with relationships and loneliness and finding yourself, which is a popular theme because of the isolation this city can cause.

  • Ellie says:

    The Blue flower is about conflicted artists and the challenges they face in their work and in their relationships. The flower itself could represent positivity or peace in the midst of chaos.

  • Jon says:

    The Blue Flower is a take on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, told from Laura’s POV instead of Tom’s.

  • Bettie Laven says:

    Totally, without any pre-knowledge, and if I only saw the words Blue Flower on a Playbill, I would say Blue is used to represent sadness and loss, Intense devestation that we use when we say we are blue. Flower is to stand for love. Love of another person, love of the work done to express oneself and finally, love of life. Just the 2 words Blue Flower can connote much.

  • Bettie Laven says:

    Totally, without any pre-knowledge, and if I only saw the words Blue Flower on a Playbill, I would say Blue is used to represent sadness and loss, Intense devastation that we use when we say we are blue. Flower is to stand for love. Love of another person, love of the work done to express oneself and finally, love of life. Just the 2 words Blue Flower can connote much.

  • Bettie says:

    Oops, sorry, erase this one. Bettie

  • San D says:

    Blue flower is about a agoraphobic poet who never leaves her house. It is based on the title of a poem she has written and had published online.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    The Blue Flower (based on title alone) is about sadness and beauty. A beautiful relationship that has a sadness in it.

  • Well first off I feel that it has to do with love. I don’t know why but I feel the colors evoke that emotion. Second since the focus is so clear on the petals, and since we know petals eventually die, maybe there is some sadness or a journey intertwined in the story of love?

  • Taking into account the German Romanticism thing (German was one of my almost majors in college, so I am kind of cheating by knowing about that) I would say it is a play about Love, Hope, and, somehow…reincarnation – the chance to come back and do it better next time. OK. That’s not specific enough, right, so I will imagine a story…about 2 lovers, separated by fate or chance…who are reunited at the end of the story. A happy ending…I am imaging that because I like stories with happy endings. And because Stephen is involved, I know it will have awesome music, and I would go see it just because of that.

  • Rosie says:

    The Blue Flower is about a dried blue flower that is pressed in a book, which was purchased in a used bookstore…it follows the buyer’s journey to discover it’s previous owner(s) and backstories.

  • Nancy C. says:

    The title seems to evoke melancholy, but I will play the contrarian and say it is about a highly edible flower with extraordinary antioxidant properties that the play’s protagonist is cultivating and trying to market and make millions…how’s that for a wild and crazy nutritional faddist approach to a plot…lol.

  • Danny says:

    The blue flower is about a character who must decide between two magical flowers, a red flower and a blue flower.

  • Emily says:

    The blue flower is about the simplicity of life and how people handle it-the plot is melancholy but with a bittersweet ending. It is about two sisters who were best friends and one of them dies from breast cancer-and they (the other sist and the sister who died’s immediate family-son and husband) and how they cope with it.

  • Enrico says:

    When I was young we used to live in front on a illegal dumpster, I mean let me rephrase it… like this sounds I was living like crap… it was just a huge field, and people used to drop any kind of stuff… everything… was really a bad view… but lot of kid “treasures”… anyway, every spring for a week or two there was a wild flower that covered everything and the view was beautiful… it was purple not really blue… I loved it…

  • Allison says:

    I honestly know nothing about the show so here is my entirely made up summary: The Blue Flower is about a young woman is deaf, but her internal monologue is musical.

  • Nancy Paris says:

    A beautiful painting of a Blue Flower is given as a gift to a young woman who was tragically paralyzed in an accident. While gazing at her new possession, the woman realizes that the painting is really a portal to other worlds and other dimensions, where she can be happy, free, and whole. At the end of the musical she is carted off to the psych ward at Bellevue. Very sad, but based on a true story.

  • Leah says:

    The Blue Flower is about the conflict of good and evil. The blue flower represents all that is good in the world. The moment someone possesses this magical deity, good things will happen to them. However, if something good happens to that one person, bad things may happen to someone they love. The possessor must dictate whether is it more important to have good for themselves or good for the ones they love.

  • Mackenzie Meeks says:

    The Blue Flower is about a young girl who has a sick grandma she is really close with. Every day she picks a blue flower from a field by her grandmas house and gives it to her grandma.

  • Bryan David says:

    Dear Mr. Davenport et al:
    I have spent 10 years doing research on all twelve (12) of the musicals I have written the Book & Lyrics too. Two (2) have samples at:
    “Whitechapel” © The Life & Times of ‘Jack The Ripper’ A Musical Love Story! ™
    “Wilde About Me!” ©
    The Life, Loves & Lawsuits of: Oscar Wilde! ™
    So research is something I am VERY in touch with. This puzzle was easy. “The Blue Flower” “Explores the romantic & tumultuous relationships between 4 young friends – three artists & a scientist – as they create a world of art, revolution & passion amidst the turbulence & destruction of the World Wars.”
    As a Producer, if I may ask, what draws you to produce any given work?

  • Alex says:

    Based solely on the title, I would probably assume that The Blue Flower is about a friendship that started or revolves around a garden with one unique blue flower in it. Two young children of different races and socioeconomic statuses (during the 1950s) meet while playing in a garden between their houses one summer. They become best friends, meeting daily, but when their parents find out about their friendship, they are prohibited from seeing each other because of the norms in society at the time. Despite this, each summer they secretly meet and play in the garden, next to a blue flower that stands out amongst white lilies. The blue flower serves as a symbol for their friendship, standing out against the standards of society and thriving nonetheless.

  • Alexis says:

    Well, blue means a lot of things – blue ribbons for first place, blue skies when the weather is calm, etc. In the floral language, blue flowers tend to symbolize faithfulness and loyalty. So, if I had to guess based on the title, I would say it is about a journey through life and the people that ground us and support us as we go through it.

  • Liz Wollman says:

    The Blue Flower is, oddly enough, about a red flower.

  • Kim says:

    If I didn’t know anything about the show, I would think it was the sequel to The House of Blue Leaves and it was about Bananas’ experiences in the insane asylum.

  • janiska says:

    My mother liked a blue flower china pattern, but having no concept of the meaning, I checked Wiki–The Blue Flower is a German symbol for Inspiration, desire, love, and striving for the infinite. Locally blue flowers include Chicory or Cornflower, often seen as parallels to the “blue flower.”
    German author Novalis first used the symbol in his unfinished Bildungsroman. Contemplating a meeting with a stranger, the young Heinrich von Ofterdingen dreams about blue flowers which symbolise the joining of human with the spirit. In the Age of Enlightenment, the focus was on the emotions not theory. The sixties book “The Blue Flower of the Wandervogel” is a history of the youth movement in which a number of folk songs used the motif.
    Stanley Kubrick used the blue Flower in Eyes Wide Shut. Sandor Szavost wears one while dancing with Alice Harford.
    In the movie follow-up to television’s Twin Peaks, two FBI agents are informed about their upcoming task through a woman on whose lapel is an artificial blue rose, symbolic of something; but wenever learn what.
    Rapper, Kool Keith, trleased a single entitled “Blue Flowers” as part of a 1996 album.
    Blue flowers are featured in the 2005 film Batman Begins. The fowers are the source of a fear-intensifying hallucinogenic drug used by those who plan to terrorize Gotham City.
    Blue flowers are the source of the fictitious drug Substance in the 2006 adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel A Scanner Darkly.
    James and Ruth Bauer, a husband and wife team, wrote an music theatre piece entitled The Blue Flower at the turn of the 21st century. Speaking through liberally fictionalized versions of artists Max Beckmann, Franz Marc, and Hannah Hoch as well as pivotal female scientific figure Marie Curie, the piece works with the romantic significance of the blue flower as it meditates on the brutal political and cultural turmoil of World War I, the short lived Weimar Republic, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the Nazi Party
    My bet’s on the latter.

  • Claire says:

    I have no idea what it’s about, so based solely on the title, I’ll guess it’s about a frustrated gardener who is struggling to grow a perfect blue flower but is not having much success (at his mission or in life).

  • Heather McAllister says:

    Gregor Mendel, the famous geneticist who teased the secrets out of pea plants, transports to mid ’60’s London, where he sings and swings with two rival botanists, fighting the good fight for the love of Bonnie, their “Blue Flower.”

  • Melissa says:

    The prequel to the House of Blue Leaves

  • says:

    The Blue Flower is a time travel musical involving two former lovers who are inspired by unhappiness in their present mundane and married lives, (married to other people), where they both worry they have lost the chance to be with their soulmates. A chance meeting and a magic wish return them to the night they met and they explore the path not taken.

  • Sarah Doudna says:

    And my roommate Amanda says:
    The Blue Flower is the new rock musical that tells the tale of a scientist who discovers a cure for cancer in an exotic blue flower and the battle that ensues between he and the pharmaceutical giant who tries to supress it.

  • EllenFD says:

    The Blue Flower is a romance in which a teenage girl and three male friends lose track of each other owing to a tragic circumstance and international upheaval. Grown into young men, all her friends have to remember her by are a few blue petals. They do not even know whether she is still alive. They each meet a young woman years later and all are convinced she is the “blue flower” girl from their youth.

  • Amanda M. says:

    The Blue Flower – perhaps about a sad or melancholy young girl in a coming of age story? That would be a play on the word “blue” and the girl would be represented by the growing a blossoming flower?

  • Sabrina L says:

    The Blue Flower sounds like a Victorian-era musical about a young man and woman in love.

  • Margie Goldsmith says:

    The blue flower is a musical about a very old woman remembering her past, particularly the love of her life (she didn’t marry him, married someone else, and lived a life of unhappiness). Her entire life – except for when she was with her lover – was entirely unfulfilled. Th blue flower is something her lover gave her one day many years ago. “A beautiful flower for a beautiful woman,” he said as he handed it to her. And that is all she can think about as she examines her sad life.

  • gj says:

    At long last, THE BLUE FLOWER brings “blue” humor back to the stage. Not since Jackie Mason have so many expletives been piled one atop another. And not since DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS have so many filthy epithets been SUNG! BLUE FLOWER doesn’t gild the lily, so leave granny at home to mind the kids and take in this season’s most ADULT show with your peers (no wives allowed either, you won’t believe the female nudity, boys, till you see it). 😉

  • Dave says:

    Expert botanists and gardeners agree there is no such thing as a true ‘blue’ flower. All so-called blue flowers are actually nothing else than shades of purple or violet. The musical is premised on the idea that all people are slightly off-colour. The cast is an ensemble of apparently perfect people whose flaws are gradually revealed, each one striving to get it right in life, including the humble, wise Yoda-like gardener who quietly obsesses in his annual effort to produce a “true blue” flower.

  • Mariel Matero says:

    Sudden murders in Small Town, USA, each with a blue flower placed in the victim’s hands, have Detective Brian Munton searching for answers – in all the wrong places.

  • Neil VL says:

    The show is about a man who tries to discover who murdered his uncle many years ago, and the only evidence he has is his uncle’s painting of a blue flower that he bought the day of his murder.

  • Fast-spreader alert! The Blue Flower follows the maturation of melancholy maiden, Mona, as she buds into a bawdy blossom before our eyes!

  • Keni Fine says:

    In an ordinary garden
    in a mercenary world,
    nothing special grows…
    until one day,
    a Blue Flower appears
    and suddenly–
    old flames
    are reignited,
    old dreams
    are reawakened,
    and the blossom
    of new love
    is possible once more.
    ~ Keni Fine ~ (sight unseen)

  • Sarah P. says:

    The Blue Flower is a romantic melodrama about a young French cabaret singer who goes by a pseudonym, Fleur Bleue (the Blue Flower), to escape her abusive husband who’s chasing and trying to murder her. She falls in love with a dashing soldier, but when her husband finally catches up to her, tragedy ensues.

  • Jackie says:

    It is either
    1) About a dysfunctional family living in the 60’s that have magically grown the rarest of rare plants in their garden – the blue flower. Their family history unveils as they argue what to do with it.
    2) The story of artists who all seem to have lost their inspiration in life. Together, they search for the Blau Blume, the Blue Flower, which is supposed to be the symbol of creation, inspiration, and artistry (in German Folklore).

  • Alexa says:

    In a small town in Ireland there is a legend that if you find a blue flower and say the name of your love three times, while holding your flower in the wind, it will tell you through “he loves me, he loves me not”, with absolute accuracy if your love will work. A 16 year old girl is pregnant and not sure how to tell the father of her child, so she goes off in search of the blue flower. The play is the story of her relationships and how this pregnancy will effect her life and we don’t find out who the real father is until the end.

  • Just based on the title alone I would say it’s a sad love story. The poster also suggests romance.

  • ECP says:

    Overwhelmed by neglect and mistreatment, Nature displays its sadness. Blue Man Group and the Smurfs race against the clock to avert ecological disaster.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    The blue flower is about a gardener secretly in love with a woman way out of his league.

  • Amy Engelhardt says:

    1) Anthropomorphizing – assigning a human emotion to something that occurs naturally – can nature be sad?
    2) A musing on the Dormouse who dies in the poem, The Doctor and the Dormouse from A.A. Milnes’ “When We Were Very Young”:
    The Dormouse lay happy, his eyes were so tight
    He could see no chrysanthemums, yellow or white.
    And all that he felt at the back of his head
    Were delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red).

  • Monica says:

    The Blue Flower sounds like an epic romance taking place over the span of many years and involving a man who once wore a blue flower in his lapel.

  • Michael Rock says:

    Well, I saw this show last night so I can say for me it is about 2 and a half hours of unmitigated annoyance. Never have I seen so much talent – actors, director, musicians, designers – brought to bear on a complete train-wreak of a script. What a mess. Is it possible to have a satisfying musical where no characters ever speak directly to each other? I don’t know, but this isn’t it. All narrated, half in translated gibberish for seemingly no reason, several long lecture-like monologues on history and the “story” is basically watching 4 people have their lives destroyed in one way or another. Oh, and there’s a rape and a suicide.
    I noticed afterwards that this has had productions elsewhere and the reviews have almost all been bad. Why did 2nd stage do it? It’s just not good.

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