“These Three Things . . .”

Today is October 13th.

And there are three very special things associated with this great day.

– On October 13th, 1929, my father was born.  Today he turns 82.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  Thank you for giving me the gift of the theater.  Without you, I’d be a lawyer.

– On October 13th, 2007, four years (!) ago now, I started blogging.  And thankfully you started listening, and inspiring me to do more.  And I love doing more.

– And today, on October 13, 2011, after a two year gestation process, Godspell starts performances tonight, on its way towards its opening on November 7th.

Dad, Blog, Godspell.  What a trifecta.

October 13th is officially my lucky day.

If you’ve enjoyed my blog over the past four years, I hope you’ll come see Godspell.  And come to a preview.  For those of you who are reading this blog to learn more about how Broadway shows come together, you’ll learn a lot by seeing the show early, and then returning in a few weeks to see how it morphs, shifts and evolves.  As I said on the my last official entry on the Godspell Blog today, previews are the pupal stage for Broadway shows.  And well, I’m pretty excited about the beautiful butterfly Danny Goldstein and this sickly talented cast are cooking up at Circle in the Square.

Click here to get tickets.  We’ve got 6 shows this weekend.

And when you come, make sure you say hi.  I’ll be at all the previews, most likely wearing my red Godspell hat, so I’ll be easy to spot.  I’d love to say hello, and perhaps we’ll have some time to continue this conversation we started online four years ago . . . offline and in person.  And isn’t that what theater is all about?  I love blogs, and I’m thankful for this one . . . but we’re in the theater because we like to meet other people in (legal) dark rooms and listen to ideas.  I look forward to hearing yours.

So Happy Birthday, Dad.

Happy Blog Birthday, The Producers Perspective.

And I’ll see you at Godspell.


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– 0 Days to Godspell!  Read the day-by-day account of producing Godspell on Broadway here.

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  • Jesse North says:

    Congratulations on all three things, Ken! I’ve enjoyed reading Producer’s Perspective these years and enjoyed knowing you in person. Here’s to a great run!

  • Kevin says:


  • Ken,
    Congrats on all 3 —- Being a great son (mensch), visoionary and communicator. And, it is fun to be an investor with you on Godspell. See you tonite!

  • Cool on so many levels. I hope to experience Godspell this weekend. Break a leg!

  • Congratulations, Ken! Please tell the cast to break a leg tonight!

  • Norman Zagier says:

    Really enjoy your blog and the enthusiasm, as expressed these past few days, is contagious. Wishing you all good things tonight, and always.

  • Break all your legs! Every single one of them on everyone. Happy birthday to your dad and congrats on your tri-fecta….and hey….I’m a lawyer and I’m trying to make it….so quit rubbing my nose in it…..haaaaa. At least I didn’t become a doctor like my parents. 🙂
    See you soon!

  • Mary Gannon says:

    What a perfect present for your Dad’s birthday. Congratulations to both of you. I’ve learned so much about the production process from your Godspell blog and theater in general from this blog. Break a leg and have a long run.

  • Elise says:

    Congratulations for beginning the pupal stage! As an actress I think it’s important to understand a producer’s perspective. Thank you for putting yourself out there/here.

  • Karen Kreoll says:

    Congrats Ken! I love reading your blogs. I really hope that I might get to meet you on Sunday when I go with the Broadway meetup group.

  • Duane Kelly says:

    Great post, Ken. I’ve really enjoyed how you’ve let us accompany you on your producer’s journey for GODSPELL. I’m a playwright from Seattle who happens to be in NY this week and am seeing GODSPELL Sunday evening. It’ll be the last play I see on this trip. A nice note to leave town on.

  • Mac McCarthy says:

    Would love to come but am geographically challenged (in California). Have been enjoying your blog for the past year – keep it up, keep making your Dad proud!
    Good luck on Godspell!

  • Michael H says:

    Just read this on a friends facebook page
    Just saw the first preview of Broadway’s Godspell. Totally reinvented revival. SO GOOD! SEE IT!!

  • Jeff Wyckoff says:

    All the best on the beginning of previews of Godspell and WOW, what a nice feature on TheaterMania.com. I have followed your Godspell blog as well as this and have enjoyed it all. Unfortunately, I, too am geographically challenged and can’t join you, much as I would love to, for a preview and a chat. May it run for 30 years!

  • Andy Jensen says:

    Congrats, Ken. Nice post about the immediacy of Godspell previews, the growth of The Producer’s Perspective, and the sustained love and support of your Dad.

  • I’d like to mirror all the preceding comments by wishing my congratulations to you from California! I wish I could see the first preview that I’ve been reading so much about, but alas, I am a little too far away!
    Hope all goes well, and I’ll look forward to hearing about it.

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