Who won the tickets to Chinglish?

Ladies and gentlemen . . .  may I have a "percussive breakfast product" please?  (In Chinglish, that would also be known as a "drumroll".  :-)

The winner of the Chinglish tickets is . . . Porsche!  

Porsche successfully answered, "Trespassers will be prosecuted," as the translation for "Penetration will be dealt with painfully."

Nicely done, Porsche.  Prepare to laugh your hiney off, because you're going to see Chinglish.

Email me for the details.

And for the rest of you, go see it in previews, because it's going to be a "sunburnt admission" very soon (aka in Chinglish, "hot ticket").


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  • shashan angelsweat says:

    Nah…Porsche cheated, Ken. She either Googled it or stuck it on a Chinese translator. NOT original. NOT a TRUE WINNER.

  • Scott says:

    off topic… I just wanted to thank you for today. It was beyond magical. I have always wanted to dance in a flash mob and to do so on Broadway!!!! Mr. Davenport, you made a dream come true today.
    Okay, so that was the matinee performance, when do we do the evening show?

  • Also off topic. Excellent flash mob today.
    Please do a repeat performance in Zuccottii park. Seems in the vain. Congrats!

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