Who won the tickets to The Blue Flower at Second Stage?

So many interesting ideas on what The Blue Flower was about, just based on the title.

Here's the actual synopsis:

Spanning two continents and half a century, The Blue Flower explores the romantic and tumultuous relationships between four young friends – three artists and a scientist – as they create a world of art, revolution and passion amidst the turbulence and destruction of the World Wars.

And Stephen Sweeney, you're going to know exactly what it's about, because you won the two free tickets!

Email me and I'll set you up!

Thanks for entering all, and I'll be giving away two tickets to a Broadway show tomorrow.


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  • Aoife McDermot says:

    I thought this was a version of Balderdash! You wanted the truth!? Oh boo! What fun is that?!
    And why do you always pick boys to win? Just saying…

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