Don’t just listen to the squeaky wheels on social media.

One of the greatest gifts Twitter has given brands is the ability to electronically eavesdrop on conversations about their products.

“@XXX airlines sucks!  Waited for three hours on tarmac!”

“Just waited for 1.5 hours for my pizza from @XXXX.”

“XXXXX Actor is out of today’s matinee of @YYYYY.  #disappointed”

The smart brands have seized the twitter-portunity to reach out, respond to these disgruntled patrons, and reversed what could have been negative word of mouth.

Or in other words, “The squeaky tweet gets the seed.”

But the really smart folks aren’t only focusing on the negative comments on Twitter and Facebook.  The best marketers that troll tools like Hootsuite, are not only looking for any customers with complaints, but they are also looking for the people that are electronically raising their hands and saying, “I love this NAME OF PRODUCT!”

Think about it . . . if a person feels so inclined to electronically announce that they “like” a product or service, that’s a pretty important customer, don’t you think?

And it’s just polite for you to say, “Thank you!”  Or “Glad you enjoyed it!” or . . . “COME AGAIN!”

Or grab their info, put it on a list, and save it for a rainy day when you want some ambassadors doing your bidding, because odds are these folks will.

It is always important to focus on customers who publicly air a product or a show’s dirty laundry . . . but don’t forget about the people that love what you’ve produced.  If you’re lucky, there are a lot more of them.  And if you’re smart, you can use them to your advantage to drown out the others.


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  • I completely agree. All too often social media is used to put out fires. The key is to interact and engage, while being authentic. This builds trust. There may be situations that are unavoidable that will lead to negative status updates or tweets. The sooner the response the better. Waiting hours or days will just hurt your brand.

  • Susan says:

    I also agree and wanted to let you know that Liz Gumbinner aka Mom101 has blogged positively about Godspell. You probably already saw it, but I thought I would share in case you hadn’t. She is a well read and respected blogger.

  • Anita Riggio says:

    On another topic, what’s your take on the “Funny Girl” postponement, and on Charles Ishewood’s piece about it?

  • Jack Dyville says:

    Want to get my title out there – “a poignant yet funny at times” play UMBRELLAS IN THE SNOW will star LUCY SORLUCCO – a sneak peak Reading coming soon in midtown prior to Spring Production. —Jack Dyville, playwright/producer

  • Bryan David says:

    Dear Mr. Davenport, et al:
    Since the Garden of Eden, some say sat Eve wanted Adam to need an apple. ‘Want VS. Need’ has been a round sense Eve showed Adam said apple; (He only wanted it, but she may have convinced him he need it. (In hindsight he didn’t need it but that’s another musical I didn’t write.)
    Delia found out that Samson didn’t want a hair-cut. But, she saw to it that he needed it. I will now use one, no two stories more relevant by today’s standards.
    I married my Bride twice. Once we wanted it, (Justice of the Peace) Nine (9) years later we had our 1st child. We wanted to get her baptized in our church. They said we’d have to be married in the church (they didn’t recognize “The Piece of Paper, from the Justice of the Peace. (Separation of Church & State you understand.) but if we married in the church; she (our daughter) could be baptized there. So we did, (they needed it)
    Where ever is this Playwright & Lyricist going with this? (You may well ask.) My answer is in YOUR BLOG that you need to write & I want to read.. You blogged about, ‘Want vs. Need.’
    I need to have a play produced. (It’s like a drug, no better then the few if any I’ve tried.) I can be seen but not heard; pacing in the back of the venue while you are listening/watching while I; like the 1st time Father is awaiting for his 1st newborn to come in to this world.
    All my shows are my children. You know what it’s like to see, the 1st. The 1st steps (Reading) The 2nd step (staging/blocking) Please don’t bump into the furniture it’s supposed to be your living room after all! 3rd (off-book) 4th Previews. 5th The Audience…
    I have a dozen (12) Two-Act musicals. Ms, Caplow is review of one of them now. So if you are not afraid of the dark I ask you ever so humbly; I ask you in regards to ‘want Vs. Need’ I need to have a show produced. Do you want to produce it?
    “Whitechapel” ©
    The Life & Times
    ‘Jack The Ripper’
    A Musical Love Story! ™
    Bryan David
    Playwright & Lyricist
    © Copyright 1996/2007
    Bryan David/Brandon Kress
    All Rights Reserved

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