Godspell opens tonight, and I just have to say . . .

. . . thank you.

There’s a lot of people that will be joining me at Circle in the Square tonight who helped make the first ever revival of Godspell happen.  There is Stephen Schwartz, and Danny Goldstein, and the designers, and the so-talented-they-make-me-want-to-throw-up cast, and the crew, and General Managers, the investors and co-Producers, and all the other people I mentioned over the summer on the Godspell Blog.

But I’ll get a chance to thank all those guys in person.

I wanted to take today’s blog to thank all of you . . . the people that read, the people that comment, the people that agree with me and the people that don’t . . . because whether you like it or not, you helped raise tonight’s figurative curtain with me.  Your passion for the theater and for trying new things has helped fuel mine.  And I only wish there was place on the staff page of the program for all of you.  (I have no doubt that so many of you will be on your own staff pages and above titles before you can say “recoupment” anyway.)

So thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t know what it is . . . but there’s something special happening over at Circle in the Square . . . not only on that stage . . . but off as well.

Maybe it’s the energy from The People Of Godspell, or the incredible number of young people I’m noticing in the audience, or the number of Broadway debuts in our cast, or some of our marketing initiatives, or the number of new producing partners I have . . . but whatever it is, it doesn’t feel like your typical Broadway show . . . and definitely not your typical revival.  It feels like . . . a beginning.

Now, I gotta go pace around my office and drive my staff crazy.


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  • Congratulations, Ken. It’s very exciting. And I’ll see you at the party! BEST to everyone!

  • Malini says:

    Thank you! Break legs tonight!

  • David Merrick Jr. says:

    Best of luck, Ken. Broadway needs more young producers like you.

  • Amyleigh1982 says:

    As I told Danny at previews – it’s not just a revival, it’s not just a modernization, the show represents something that is right now, today, this week (whatever week you go see it, folks). You guys pulled off something incredibly difficult and magical. Thank YOU for letting us share in the experience all the way through.

  • Michael Orzechowski says:

    Best wishes from Baltimore! Break a leg and congrats!

  • Mary Ann says:

    Best wishes and break a leg!! Can’t wait to see it…in two weeks!

  • Kristi R-C says:

    Break a leg, Ken! Gonna be a great show!

  • Jack and Angela says:

    Much love and luck!! Wishing you all the best, Jack and Angela Rowles

  • themelissabell@live.com says:

    All the best–very exciting.

  • Margie says:

    It’s your blogs and energy and enthusiasm that keeps me coming back to your blog for more. Don’t ever stop, and thanks for all you do for Broadway and off and beyond…

  • Donald Jordan says:

    Break a leg! We are cheering you on from Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre! It has been most enjoyable reading the blog as you have gone thru production. Thanks for sharing!

  • John says:


  • Mozz says:

    Break a leg Ken! can’t wait to be part of one of your productions, investment wise!!!! And thank you for the blog is is a master class in not only producing, but doing it in style.
    BEST to the cast. I cannto wait to see it. with my sister!!!! she loves Godspell.

  • Michael L. says:

    Break a leg, Ken! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to all of us.

  • Bryan David says:

    Dear Mr. Davenport, et al:
    By the time you read this you should have a ever-so-slight hangover from ‘Opening Night’ champagne; so please allow me to say:
    To you, your Cast & Crew of:
    Ken Davenport’s
    I look forward to 2012; the year and the night we toast to the ‘World- Premier’ of:
    “Whitechapel” ©
    The Life & Times
    ‘Jack The Ripper’
    A Musical Love Story! ™
    © Copyright 1996/2007
    Bryan David/Brandon Kress
    All Rights Reserved

  • Dave says:

    Break A Leg – or should I say, Strain A Cord! Yes, It’s All For The Best!

  • Ditto Oklahoma Rep!
    More Okies join the Davenport/GodSpell cheering squad!
    Oklahoma Historical Theatre wishes you the BEST!!
    Thank you for sharing the journey with us all.

  • Frederic Tacon says:

    Congrats! Break a leg!

  • You knock me out, Ken! You are what theater is about. I saw my first Broadway show in 1944 (I was only 4) and I got that excitement and I can tell you have that excitement! I totally root for you!

  • Heather C says:

    I hope Godspell had a wonderful opening night! I have tickets in a couple weeks, and I can’t wait to see it!

  • Christine says:

    Congratulations Ken and the Godspell cast and crew! May you have a long and successful run!

  • Clair Sedore says:

    I was so sorry that the reviews for Godspell were not as receptive as hoped, but when you look at shows like The Addams Family, Priscilla etc. etc. and they are still running. As I said in an earlier email, I am not a great fan of the religious musicals, and have not liked Godspell, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar, Children of Eden, etc. but they seem to appeal to the younger generation and most of them have not seen these before, so there is a whole new audience out there, and when you want to see something, no reviewers or nay sayers can hold you back.
    Some of my favourite shows got horrendous reviews, like Here’s Where I Belong, Marilyn, Greenwillow. I am just so glad to have been able to see them. Revivals seem to be just the classics, no chance to see things like Allegro, Pipe Dreams, etc., as they can not find an audience. Everyone wants to see Mame, or My Fair Lady.
    You have done all that you can, now you get a chance to sit back and hope the public take the reins and run with it.
    I really enjoy your newsletter, it is so great to hear a producer’s point of view. And if it were not for you guys there would be NO theatre.
    Clair Sedore, world-theatres.com

  • I went to see Godspell the other night during previews. The company I work for was offered comps and I jumped at the offer. I thought I would be disappointed, but after the first act, I really liked it. I loved all the imitations that the characters did of current people, the references they made to familiar things like the chicken dance and electric slide during one of the numbers, and the amount of audience interaction. The pictionary moment was pretty funny. Congrats on a great production.

  • Margie says:

    So Ken, if telling the story sells the free news, as you say in tonight’s blog, shouldn’t you change the copy on your GODSPELL ad from “the legendary rock musical from the composer of….etc… is back on Broadway” TO:
    GODSPELL, the story of ….
    I don’t have the right wording, but it should be something that makes people go “WOW!”and makes them want to rush out and purchase tickets RIGHT NOW.. Go ahead — I dare you to out-Phantom the Phantom.

  • Christopher Ryder says:

    Congratulations! A revival of something that popular is quite the achievement.
    I wish it had happened this summer. I was in town and got some tickets for Broadway at http://amazonticketsonline.com/Theatre/Broadway. I had a great time!

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