Who won the tix to Miss Abigail’s Guide?

I gotta say it, I think I've got the smartest readers in town.  

You all dispensed some seriously good advice in this week's giveaway, but the winner, hands down, was Ellie, who's advice to someone trying to make it in the business of Broadway was . . 

Listen, if you're sitting in front of a laptop asking someone ELSE what you should do to become successful in showbiz, you got the wrong idea, honey. Get outa that chair and DO something.

Love it.  Don't you?

Congrats, Ellie, you're going to see my show, Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage starring Christine Pedi!

Now I gotta go.  Ellie's advice is making me feel like a slacker.  


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  • Lauren Bies says:

    Ah…Not so fast..,Fast-Paced Miss Ellie. Confusius say that the would be producer who jump outa her chair too eager to begin showbiz career without learning a bit of advice first, should first listen to knowledgeable roommate about recently waxed floor or fall flat on her eager ass and never meet fantastic Broadway Playwright…who has brilliant new script…,just for Fast-Paced Eager to Begin Showbiz Career, Miss Ellie…or so…,Confusius say.

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