Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Producer in your life.

Happy Holidays PPers!

In case you haven’t checked a calendar recently, there are only 13 days until C day and only 8 until the first day of Hanukkah. ¬†If you’re still shopping for the Producer or Theater Pro in your life, here are 10 suggestions of things that I love that I’m sure that special someone in your life will love too.

Or if you’re that Producer or Theatre Pro, here are 10 toys (in no specific order) that I’d be asking for. ūüôā

1.  A Course from The Commercial Theater Institute

Not too many places teach commercial theater producing.  CTI is one of the few.  In addition to their intensive weekend and 14 week programs, CTI also has terrific half-day and full day seminars.

2.  Telecharge Gift Card

One thing everyone can agree on: theater tickets are pricey.  Another thing we can all agree on: there is so much a Producer can learn from seeing shows.  So get a Telecharge Gift Card and let your Producer pick what they want to see.

3.  A Subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine

Broadway Producers are small businessmen and women.  So why not see what other businessmen and women are doing to get their startups off the ground?  I get more tips and tricks from Entrepreneur than any other publication out there.

4.  The Be A Broadway Star Board Game

Yep, I created and developed this game. ¬†But even if I didn’t, it would be on this list. ¬†I think it’s one of the best gifts for all Broadway lovers out there.

5.  Kindle

Reading scripts while looking for a show to produce is like panning for gold. ¬†You gotta sift through a ton before you find a nugget. ¬†And those scripts are heavy! ¬†Do what I do, read ’em on a Kindle or an iPad, and you can take 100 with you wherever you go.

6. ¬†A¬†Joe Allen’s Gift Certificate

You want be a Producer? ¬†You gotta be ready to have a lot of lunches. ¬†So, when eating mid-day, you might as well sit at a table amongst tables of other theater pros while they wine and dine . ¬†. . and whine and dine. ¬†Joe Allen’s is one of the originals and one of my favs. ¬†And, while you eat, you can pray that one of your show posters never ends up on the wall.

7.  Professional Script Analysis

Being objective about your own writing is hard. ¬†And getting friends and family to read your script doesn’t always get you the most objective opinion. ¬†Get the Producer or Author in your life professional script coverage to give them some tips on how they can tune up their script so they are ready for their big break. ¬†For more info, click here.

8.  A Starter Website

Every show, production office, actor, etc. needs a website.  They are the business card of the 21st century.  Get your loved one started with a domain name (read this blog as to why they need one now), simple website and more so they can make themselves look as professional as they are.  My favorite provider is

9.  The Abominable Showman: The Biography of David Merrick

This book is a textbook of what to do, and what not to do in your career as a Producer. ¬†If you love the theater, and the backstage stories of how it all happens, then this book is a must. ¬†And if books are your Producer’s thing, check out this list of my other recommended readings on the bottom right hand side of my blog.

10. ¬†A “Contract Signing” Pen

I got my first “fine pen” as a gift a few years back, and I pull it out whenever I sign something I deem important. ¬†It’s my lucky pen. ¬†And it just feels cool to write with. ¬†What’s great about this gift, is that a nice pen is usually not something anyone will buy for themselves. ¬†This one is my favorite. ¬†Get it engraved and it is that much cooler. ¬†And here’s to it bringing you and yours lots of good luck.


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